Why you Should be Using Infographics at your Business


Image courtesy of Nate Burgos/Flickr. You’ve seen infographics on social media, websites and blogs. Have you ever wondered why so many businesses use them and how they fit into their marketing plans? If you aren’t already using infographics as part of your online marketing, you could be missing out on some big benefits. [...]

Tips for a Guest Blogging Strategy that Brings Benefits

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Several months ago, Google warned that guest blogging shouldn’t be used solely for link building because it had become a spammy practice. After much debate Matt Cutts, of Google, clarified that guest blogging, when used properly, is an acceptable link building and internet marketing strategy. When you use it the right way, guest blogging can [...]

Go Mobile or Get Left Behind: How Google is Helping

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Image courtesy of MIKI Yoshihito/Flickr. You’ve probably been hearing for quite some time now that if your business wants to continue to use internet marketing, it needs to go mobile. You need to target your markets through social media, mobile apps and a website that is functional and easy to use on a [...]

How you can go Mobile in 2015

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Image courtesy of adamr/FreeDigitalPhotos.net. Search Engine Watch published an article that included predictions on what SEO will look like in 2015. The first one is: “We’ll finally have a different mobile conversation: more mobile-friendly please.” The blog post includes some quotes and suggestions from a few different search experts about how now, in [...]

What you Need to Know about Blog Editorial Calendars

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Image courtesy of Jim, the Photographer/Flickr. Using an editorial calendar is a great way to keep your blog on track and make sure it works in conjunction with your promotional tactics so your marketing plan is more cohesive and stronger. Creating and using an editorial calendar is easier than you might think and [...]

Why You Should Update your Keywords and SEO Plans to Start the Year


If you are already using a search engine optimisation campaign, you have already done keyword research and are targeting specific words and phrases. So, why should you do more research or reassess your campaign? Businesses, markets and search engines change. To stay competitive, your SEO plans need to change and respond to these changes so [...]