Will Google’s new Mobile Search Feature be Good or Bad for your Business?


Google has announced a new mobile search feature that could be beneficial for your business or add new challenges to your search engine optimisation efforts. According to Google’s announcement, the feature is already available to some sites and will be rolling out to more in the near future. What the Feature Does In essence, the [...]

Twitter’s Latest Updates will Benefit your Social Media and SEO Plans

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Twitter’s two newest updates are great news for businesses because they could make social media marketing and search engine optimisation easier. Knowing how to use these features to their fullest potential can make your online marketing even stronger. New Quick Promote Feature Twitter has offered promoted tweets for some time now. These allow you to [...]

Is Newsjacking for You? The Pros and Cons of this Brand Awareness Strategy

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Newsjacking, or the process of using current events to help you promote your own business and brand, is an interesting strategy that lots of businesses use, either formally or informally, to raise brand awareness. But, is this strategy for you? There are some pros and cons you should be aware of before you implement this [...]

Twitter’s Newest Feature and How to Bring your Feed to Life

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With 284 million monthly active users and 500 million tweets sent each day, Twitter is a social network that can really help you promote your business and reach your market. It has announced a new feature that makes it more likely your tweets will be seen, and with just a few adjustments you can make [...]

UK Users can Now Publish Blog Posts to LinkedIn – What you Should Do

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LinkedIn has announced that it has extended the ability to publish blog posts on its network to all members in English-speaking countries. This means businesses in the UK now have a new platform for content marketing and an extra social media marketing tool. What the New Feature Includes Last year, LinkedIn gave all users in [...]

New Featured Video Space Coming to Facebook Pages

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Video marketing is a powerful tactic that helps many businesses inspire their audiences. Video content can do things other types of content can’t, but to make this work, you need a way to publish and share your videos. Social media is an ideal place to do this because it allows you to reach your existing [...]

New Call to Action Button Coming to Facebook Pages

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Earlier this month, Facebook announced a new feature — the call to action button— that will be available to business pages around the world next year. The feature is already in use in the United States, and some businesses have already seen success while using it. While this feature isn’t yet available to businesses in [...]

Instagram has More Users than Twitter: Which Should you Use?

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Instagram has just announced that it now has 300 million users, which is more than Twitter’s 284 million users. It’s no secret that both Instagram and Twitter have a lot of potential to help you promote your business online. In fact, you are likely using one or both of these networks to build your brand [...]

Social Media Users Overwhelmingly Use Mobile, and you Should be There

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If you use social media marketing at your business and are looking for ways to get more out of it, this post is for you. Social Media Examiner recently reported that “consumers access their social media channels 71 percent of the time through mobile.” This stunning statistic highlights just how important mobile is becoming in [...]

Will Facebook’s new News Feed Policy Affect your Page?

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Facebook’s announcement regarding how updates from pages will appear in the news feed has some businesses wondering if they should change their social media marketing strategy. Changes to Facebook’s algorithm are nothing new, but when these changes could affect how often a business’ posts appear, you should take note. What Page Owners Should Know According [...]