Weekly Round-Up #43

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The best video marketing campaign of the week - Coke's "Unlock the 007 in You" campaign, which featured commuters tackling a series of obstacles to win tickets to the latest Bond movie. No doubt they were actors, as getting people to take part without signing a legal waiver would be madness, but the campaign was [...]

Can Klout Compete with Authorship?

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Like the secret ingredients in Coke Cola, or Colonel Sander's fried Chicken recipe, Klout is one of those secretive and elusive entities that may go down in history as one of the things we'll never fully understand. Is it follower count? Is is retweets? Does it measure the influence of those who retweet you? Or is it just [...]

Weekly News Round Up #39

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Facebook isn't the only one feeling the pressure from advertisers after their stock price plummeted this week; Twitter has come under fire too. As the alternative to Facebook, they're now feeling the squeeze to prove that they can deliver results and monetize the 340 millions Tweets sent per day. Justin Bieber has set a new Twitter record [...]

Will Klout Finally Become Useful for Business?

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Attention social media mavens! Klout has altered its algorithm and thus thrown all Klout scores up in the air, prompting many (me) to wonder if this change came about after the role of selecting arbitrary numbers, I mean Klout Scores, was passed over to a new monkey.* Too harsh? Well, I for one put little [...]

Does Klout Matter?

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There's a lot of speculation in the air about the accuracy, relevance and importance of Klout scores - people seem to be doubting the sites ability to measure influence. After all, what is influence? And can it be reduced to an algorithm. Many people are arguing that since Robert Scoble ranks higher than President Obama, [...]

Kalculating Klout

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Everybody has Influence, and Klout aims to help you to understand yours. If you're running a social media campaign it's likely that you're utterly obsessed with statistics, so it would be nice to be able to condense all those numbers into one figure, between 1 and one-hundred. Don't be fooled by the apparent simplicity of [...]

Measuring Social Reach

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When you’re running a social media marketing campaign, it’s likely that you’ll want to measure the result of all your hard work. If you’re dedicated to pinning, tweeting, posting and liking—which can be rather time consuming—you won’t want to be spending hours looking at the analytics for each individual profile and assessing which areas need [...]

Saturday Weekly News Round Up

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Breaking News this week—I got another dog! He’s a terrier mutt from the rescue centre; his name is Kiko, and he is awesome. And on to the SMM and SEO news, which is probably what you expected to find here! SXSW was in full swing this week, and the internet was awash with news, product [...]