Will Google+ Collections Bring New Life to Google Plus?


Google has launched Google+ Collections, a new Google Plus feature that could bring new life to the site. Since the launch of Google Plus, marketers and users have wondered if the social network would ever become big enough to rival sites like Facebook and Twitter. While Google Plus does have an active user base, this [...]

5 Things you Didn’t Know you Could do with Google+

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Some say Google Plus isn’t a viable social network, but it does have a substantial user base and it can actually help your marketing and search engine optimisation efforts. In fact, there are some things you probably didn’t realise you could do with Google Plus. Build Links and Use Calls to Action Google Plus allows [...]

4 Ways to Get Social Media Followers to your Website

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Having a large social media following and great online engagement are excellent marketing assets. However, you can get even more out of your social media accounts if you can lure visitors from your accounts to your website, where they can become customers, follow your blog, subscribe to your newsletter or complete any other call to [...]

Easy ways to use Social Media for Customer Service

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Social media can help you do more than promote your brand and connect with your market; it can actually help you provide customer support. This type of customer support is very accessible for your customers and it can also help you build a reputation as a business that cares about its customers and listens to [...]

How to Use Social Media to Boost Site Traffic

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As you increase traffic to your website, you also increase your ability to make more sales, raise brand awareness and engage with your market. One great way to boost your site’s traffic is to use your social media accounts to encourage people to go to your website or blog. Add Links to your Bios First, [...]

Three Steps to Focusing your Social Media Efforts

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When you focus your social media efforts you are more likely to get bigger results. The idea that when you market to everyone you aren’t marketing to anyone is true, especially when it comes to social media. If your accounts are sporadic, lack direction and don’t fit in with your overall internet marketing strategy, you [...]

How to Use Social Media to Form Beneficial Relationships

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One of the biggest perks you can get from social media is the ability to build relationships that benefit your business. Yes, social media is a key part of building brand awareness, driving traffic to your site and promoting your products. But, if you keep a few things in mind you can also use your [...]

Photos Bring Amazingly High Levels of Social Media Engagement

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The idea that photos can help you grab people’s attention and stand out on social media isn’t new, but recent research proves that photos can actually bring higher levels of engagement. Take a look at some of these statistics: + 93% of the most engaging Facebook posts include photos (source). + 87% of the most [...]

Social Media Users Overwhelmingly Use Mobile, and you Should be There

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If you use social media marketing at your business and are looking for ways to get more out of it, this post is for you. Social Media Examiner recently reported that “consumers access their social media channels 71 percent of the time through mobile.” This stunning statistic highlights just how important mobile is becoming in [...]