Will Klout Finally Become Useful for Business?

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Attention social media mavens! Klout has altered its algorithm and thus thrown all Klout scores up in the air, prompting many (me) to wonder if this change came about after the role of selecting arbitrary numbers, I mean Klout Scores, was passed over to a new monkey.* Too harsh? Well, I for one put little [...]

Changes to Facebook Checkin

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If you’re a Facebook page owner, don’t be alarmed if you see your Facebook Checkin numbers plummet in the next couple of days - this isn't a rash spout of people taking back their last visit - it’s simply Facebook making changes to the way they count Checkins. Their intention is to give you a [...]

YouTube Changes

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YouTube recently made changes to the algorithm which controls which videos show up in the related video section. This was a direct response to users' outrage that the old algorithm could be so easily manipulated in order for certain individuals to make money on the success of other videos. Known as 'reply girls', these users [...]

Changes to YouTube Accounts

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It seems that everyone is having a make-over at the moment; following in the tracks of Facebook and Twitter, YouTube have announced that on Wednesday they would be bringing everyone up to speed with the changes which were first introduced back in December. So you’d better get your skates on if you want your YouTube [...]