The Surprising Social Networks that Generate the most Engaged Referrals

When you use social media marketing to drive traffic to your website and get referrals, you want to spend your time and resources on the sites that bring the best results. Shareaholic published a report called “Social Referrals That Matter” and the findings might surprise you.

The report analysed data from more than 200,000 sites and 250 million unique monthly visitors. Shareaholic found that YouTube, Google Plus and LinkedIn generate the most engaged referrals. These three sites beat out Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit and StumbleUpon.

To determine which sites brought the most engaged traffic, Shareaholic looked at how long referred visitors spent on the site, how many pages they visited and bounce rates across eight social media networks.

There are some other interesting findings from the report:

  • YouTube creates the most engaged referrals, referrals with the lowest bounce rate, the most pages per visit and has the longest visit duration.
  • Google Plus and LinkedIn bring the fewest referrals, but these people are more engaged than those that come from other sites.
  • Twitter and Facebook referrals have similar pages per visit, time spent on site and bounce rates.
  • Pinterest referrals have similar bounce rates as those from Facebook and Twitter, but they look at fewer pages and spend less time on the site than referrals from most other networks.
  • Reddit referrals have a high bounce rate and its users are very selective.
  • StumbleUpon brings the least engaged referrals, but if your content really hits home to a user, she will be very engaged.

All of these statistics are valuable when it comes to Internet and social media marketing.

Using this Information

The number-one takeaway from this report is that YouTube, Google Plus and LinkedIn have the potential to bring the most engaged, active visitors to your site. Of course, you should also take things like your market, goals, business and products into consideration as you choose which networks to use. However, it is worth finding out if these three networks align with your strategy.

As always, it’s important to create and share content that will resonate with your market. Even if you use the most engaged networks and the sites that your audience uses, you won’t find success until you share content your market deems valuable.

It’s also important that your site is designed to encourage engagement. Once people have clicked on a link from social media, the content should be useful and your site should be easy to navigate. Highlight resources and consider adding links to related content below your blog posts.

Calls to action should be front and centre and easy to respond to. Using buttons and tabs that allow people to buy your products, contact you or find more information will lead to lower bounce rates, increased time spent on your site and more engaged visitors.

If you are using YouTube, Google Plus and LinkedIn, spend some time finding out if you are using them to their fullest potential by taking advantage of all their features and building an active audience on them. Then, make sure the content you share through social media will spark engagement.