The Surprising New Video Power of Facebook and How to use It

Facebook has just reported that it had 1 billion video views a day in September. In fact, according to Gian Fulgoni, co-founder and executive chairman emeritus at comScore, during August, Facebook boasted about a billion more desktop video views than YouTube!


We normally think of Facebook for sharing links to content, posting statuses, sharing photos and even hosting giveaways, but we rarely think of it as a video marketing powerhouse.


While YouTube shouldn’t be ignored when it comes to using videos for Internet marketing, it’s clear that Facebook deserves some attention here too. People are using Facebook to consume all kinds of media, and if you use it to share your videos you could increase your views and make your marketing strategy more effective.


As you promote videos on Facebook, there are some things you can do to make sure they are reaching more people and helping you promote your business.

Use High-Quality, Specifically Targeted Videos

Like other forms of content, your videos need to be of high quality and specifically targeted at your market if you want to see results. People don’t have the time or patience to watch videos that aren’t relevant to them or don’t provide real value. If you are going to use videos as part of your marketing strategy, use them well.

Spur Interaction

When your videos get more interaction, by way of views, comments, “likes” and shares, they are more likely to be seen by others. The best way to spur interaction is to develop compelling videos. Use humour, emotion, stories and even controversial topics to get people talking and wanting to interact with and share your videos.


Of course, more interaction on your videos can also help you raise awareness, get people talking about your business and reach more people with your message.

Use Titles and Descriptions Wisely

Just like with blog posts and email marketing messages, your video title has the potential to capture attention and entice people to click on it. Use titles that are interesting, promise a benefit and stand out in the Facebook news feed. Do the same with descriptions, or the comment you post when you post your video.

Link to Videos from Other Pages

When you post a video on Facebook, promote it through other channels. For example, you may mention and link to it from Twitter, your website, marketing emails and other places. This helps you achieve two goals. First, it helps you promote your video and get more views. Second, it helps you make more people aware of your Facebook account and what it offers, which could lead to more followers.

Tag Influential People and Pages

Consider tagging influential people and pages, who may be interested in your video, when you post it. This helps you get some attention, attach your name to other accounts people in your market are interested in or respect and can even encourage these people to share the video with their followers.


In May, Facebook added new video metrics to its Page Insights and Ads Reporting tools. With these metrics, you can find out how many people watch your video, how many unique views they get, the average length of video views and audience retention statistics, making it easier to find out if the techniques you are using are working.


As you use video marketing, be sure to include Facebook in your promotional plan, as it’s clear that the network can help you widen your audience and use video more effectively.