Sure Signs your Website Needs a Makeover

If it has been a while since you updated your website, it could be time for a makeover. As your business evolves, changes and grows, so should your website. As your online storefront and a major online marketing tool, it is imperative that your website reflects your current business practices, helps you sell your products and represents your brand well.

If you recognise any of these signs, consider updating your site to make it more effective.

Current Products or Service Offerings are Missing

If your website doesn’t list your current product or service offerings, it’s time for an update. Whether you sell your products online or not, your website needs to reflect what you can do for your customers to help you promote your products and solutions.

By the same token, if your site is so full of unorganised content that people can’t find what they are looking for, it’s time to clean things up and rethink your website.

Your Site doesn’t Reflect your Visual Brand

When you look at your website, do you recognise your visual brand? If the answer is “no,” it’s time for a makeover. Your website is a big part of your online marketing and should be very branded. The colours, images, style, layout and copy should all be in alignment with your brand so your site fits in as a logical part of your business.

The Area of Focus is Wrong for your Current Efforts

Do a quick experiment: look at your website and notice what stands out. Even better, ask someone else, outside your business, to look at your site and tell you what he sees first. If the thing that stands out most isn’t what you are currently promoting, you need to make a change. Your website’s focus should match your marketing and business focus so it is a cohesive part of your marketing efforts.

You aren’t able to Rank your Pages in Search Results

If you are finding it increasingly difficult to rank your pages for your target keywords, it could be because your website needs to be updated. Making sure your site is optimised for search engines and fits in with your current SEO plans will make ranking pages much easier. Make sure things like keywords and links are up to date and will bolster your SEO strategy.

Visitors aren’t Converting to Customers

When you start to notice your website isn’t helping you make sales or you are unable to convert site visitors into customers, blog subscribers, social media followers or newsletter subscribers, it probably needs an update. Your website should be a functioning tool that helps you reach your online marketing goals and if it’s holding you back, you need to update it.

Your Site isn’t Bringing the Results you Want

Finally, it sounds like an obvious solution, but if your site isn’t bringing the results you are looking for, it’s time for a change. Frequently check to make sure your website is performing and helping you reach your goals. If you find that it could be doing better, update it so you can start seeing better results.

Periodically updating your website to optimise it and ensure that it remains a powerful marketing tool should be a part of your strategic online marketing and branding plans. When your website is lacking you’ll find that it holds you back, making it harder to solidify your brand and promote your business.