Successful PPC Campaign Tips for Increased Christmas Sales!

To make the holidays run a little smoother for your business, follow these successful PPC campaign tips for the best results.

Right now, you are probably getting set for Christmas Day – not long to go now. Are you all prepared? Is your search history littered with possible presents for family and friends? Are companies retargeting you with endless product campaigns? Between all the shopping and festive cheer, you need to make time for your holiday marketing efforts. Get ahead of your competitors with these successful PPC campaign tips.

As serious gift givers rush to the shops in search of the perfect present for their nearest and dearest, online shopping has become increasingly popular as technology has been given an upgrade. With the sheer number of online searchers performed every day, marketing and selling your products online has been all about getting found first on Google. Welcome to the wonderful world of Google AdWords, where rankings, positioning yourself at the top of Google, is achieved through having a successful PPC campaign structure. In this article we cover how PPC marketing works to boost sales at Christmas time.

1) Use Christmas Keywords in your PPC campaign

People are searching at Christmas for gift ideas for their loved ones. Optimising landing pages for these keywords is going to give you a huge boost when it comes to rankings. This will automatically increase relevance for specific products or services in the SERPs. ‘Christmas gift ideas for men’ or ‘Christmas gifts for men’ for example could include products ranging from technology, cooking, sports and experience days. Don’t forget to optimise those pages for specific keywords related to your product as well as the above terms.

List of christmas keyword suggestions

2) Know your target audience

The importance of knowing your target audience can not be underestimated, and rightly so, when it comes to marketing your products to the right people. Knowing what your customers want and expect from your website will help create PPC campaigns that deliver a positive ROI. This is where retargeting comes into play with targeted ads for specific audiences based on their demographics and interests.

3) Have a plan and budget for a successful PPC campaign

Understanding how conversion rate changes is the key to crafting a successful PPC strategy this Christmas. So many marketers jump into assumptions about what bid is too high or low for their campaign. The beauty with pay per click is that you no longer need to guess the best terms to bid on – everything you need is available online. With the right tools in place, you can determine EXACTLY how much you can afford to spend on your PPC campaign. Google’s Keyword Planner is a great place to start, so long as you keep your ad budget in mind when searching.

4) Don’t forget to update your website

Any content distributed through your PPC marketing should be replicated across your website. This is the best way to increase conversion rates when customers click through from an advert. Take it one step further, if you are offering a site-wide discount, use your header or a banner at the top of your website to remind visitors. You want this to be consistent in your ad content, as well as the page you are linking to.

Test your website for its mobile friendliness before setting up your PPC ad campaigns. This is so important. Google is rolling out a mobile-first index, which favours mobile friendly domains. Your PPC campaign will not run if your site is deemed ‘not mobile friendly.’ Without this your sales will plummet and your campaigns will fail. More people than ever are using a mobile to shop for Christmas presents, so optimisation for mobile search is essential.

Want to hear more about implementing an effective PPC campaign?

The most important thing to take from this article is that you should never stop testing your PPC campaigns. The most damaging thing to do is to stick to one tried and tested way of marketing, which may appear to work. Something could work, better. If you are struggling to convert your clicks to customers this Christmas, speak to our experts about setting up a PPC campaign that delivers results.

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