Success with Facebook Ads

OK, so maybe Facebook isn’t the hottest place to be advertising right now – General Motors recently cut over $10 million in advertising on Facebook, claiming they just didn’t see results, and Facebook has admitted they’re struggling to integrate advertising into mobile platforms.

However, this info graphic shows that advertising on Facebook is still able to rival Google. Advertising on the social network can also be costly, so here are some top tips for successful Facebook ad placement.

1. Be Present – Don’t even think about launching a Facebook ad campaign until your own Facebook profile is perfected. Advertising on a network on which you have low presence is a no-no. Work on your content and interaction, as this will also be valuable market research for targeting your ads.

2. Be Specific – There are targeting options for a reason, and they’re very specific. You can select your target based on demographic and geographic, and even likes and interests. If you’re wary about being overly specific, then cast your net wide to begin with, gauge the response, and then hone in on your target market.

3. Be Visible- Far too many Facebook ad campaigns fall short by not selecting a good image – nothing screams ‘spam’ like a pixelated or unidentifiable image. Make sure your image still looks great when scaled down.

4. Be Clear – If words aren’t your strong suit, hire someone to craft your copy. You only have 90 characters to play with, so being succinct and enticing is a must. Don’t give away too much in your text, link it to the image, and give your audience a reason to click.

5. Be Responsive – Monitor your ad campaign and respond to the impressions you’re receiving. You may find that you need to change direction once the campaign has started. If something isn’t working don’t be afraid to fix it.

If you’re still wary about handing over money for the advertising space, then consider hiring a social media marketing or search engine optimisation agency to walk you through the options. They will be able to show you case studies for what works best, help you craft copy and select the right look for your ad.