Study Shows Video Increases Facebook Reach

A new study by Socialbakers proves just how effective videos can be on Facebook. The research found that videos outranked status updates, links and photos in average organic reach and average fan reach. This means that when you post videos to Facebook, you are much more likely to reach a wider audience than if you were to post any other kind of content.

The Research

The research found that when it comes to organic and average fan reach, videos have much more power than the other types of content. Interestingly, photos have the lowest reach.

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Socialbakers reports that businesses can accomplish an average 135 percent increase in organic reach, and 148 percent increase in fan reach, when they post videos instead of photos.

The study points out that to get the best benefits from videos, you still need to make sure they are high quality. In other words, just posting a video isn’t enough to get this increased reach. A poorly made video won’t get as much reach as a top-notch photo that people interact with.

These are impressive numbers and illustrate just one way videos can be a powerful part of your internet marketing strategy.

Tips for Using Videos on Facebook

So how do you harness this power and use videos effectively on Facebook? There are all kinds of ways videos can be part of your marketing plan, and knowing how to use them well on social media can lead to wider reach and better results.

Focus on Quality

As the Socialbakers report mentioned, high-quality photos, and other kinds of content, will still outrank low-quality videos and get more reach. Content that people “like,” comment on and share gets more reach, so by making sure your videos are high quality you are setting yourself up for this kind of engagement.

Produce for your Facebook Audience

To get more reach, and ensure your videos bring the desired results, you need to produce them with your Facebook audience in mind. Sure, some of the videos you create for your website or other platforms might be appropriate to share here, but remember that your Facebook audience could have very distinct wants and needs. When your videos are targeted specifically at the segment of your market that uses Facebook, they will be much more successful.

Make it Worthwhile

If people don’t even take the time to watch your videos, there’s very little chance that they will hear your message and respond to your calls to action. It’s essential that your videos are valuable to your market and enticing enough to make people want to watch them.

Make sure your content is relevant to your followers and is worth their time. As you consistently provide excellent content and a great experience, people will come to rely on your content and trust that what you post is worthwhile.

Including videos in your Facebook strategy can help you reach more people and stand out online, which can help you build your following and fan engagement levels so you can use the site to more efficiently promote your brand.