Study Shows Just One Negative Review can Blow a Sale

A new study by Moz proves that just one negative online review can lead to lost sales. It’s not news that online reviews are extremely powerful marketing tools, but these statistics shed light on just how influential negative reviews can be.

The Findings

The study posed the following question: “When you are doing research for a product or service you’re going to buy, how many negative articles does it take for you to decide to not buy that product or service?”

Nearly 22 percent of respondents said just one negative article can make them decide not to make a purchase. That’s a large percentage of your potential customer base.

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Bad reviews could seriously harm your reputation and sales, bringing major, negative consequences to your business.

Don’t let Negative Reviews get in the Way

Of course, it’s always wise to avoid negative reviews, but knowing how detrimental they can be to your promotional efforts, it’s especially important to make sure they don’t get in the way.

Don’t Give People a Reason to Complain

First off, provide excellent services and customer support so people won’t have a reason to leave a negative review. This is the easiest way to make sure a negative review doesn’t blow your next sale.

Encourage Positive Reviews

But, it’s not enough just to avoid negative reviews; you need to encourage positive reviews. Unfortunately, many people don’t post a review or leave a comment unless they have something to complain about. So, you need to make it very easy for satisfied customers to leave a positive review.

To do this, ask people to leave a review on your website or a popular review site. Make sure people know you have a place for happy customers to leave comments. Make this ask through your social media accounts, email marketing messages and even on the bottom of your order forms or receipts, with an accompanying link to where people can leave reviews.

Address Issues Quickly

Even when you take these two steps, you will probably get a few negative reviews at some time or another. When this happens, address the issue quickly so you can make sure the unhappy customer has the best possible experience and increase the likelihood that he will remove his review or post a positive update. Addressing bad reviews online shows your market you are listening and will tell people reading your reviews that you strive to solve problems and satisfy your customers.

Show your Market when you Change

As you pay attention to negative reviews and find ways you can improve, make it known when you make changes. For example, if you get a lot of negative reviews about your online checkout process, make an announcement when you enhance your system.

This will help you decrease the number of negative reviews you get and show your market you are listening and take your customers’ concerns seriously enough to take action.

While negative reviews can hinder your sales, these tips will help you avoid this problem and make sure you have positive reviews to boost your online brand.