Study finds 64% of Site Traffic is Organic

Conductor revisited a study it had previously done and reanalysed data from more than 310 million website visits. The group found that 64 percent of website traffic is organic. This number is significant and highlights why businesses need to have a strong search engine optimisation strategy.

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The Research

The 310 million website visits came from 30 different websites in six different industries. The visits spanned a one-year period and were closely studied by Conductor. The company revisited the study after it began to wonder if some traffic originally labeled as direct traffic was actually organic traffic. You can read more details about the study on the Conductor blog.

After looking at the research again, the company found that the majority of site traffic is organic. This means it’s traffic that comes from unpaid links from places like search results, third-party websites and directories.

The other forms of traffic the study looked at were direct, referral (without social media), paid search and social media traffic.

How you Can Benefit

Organic traffic is highly beneficial because it often brings more valuable visitors to your site. People who are looking for your business, interested in your products or may not need to be persuaded by ads are the kind of people that find your site through organic links.

Recently, organic links have been more highly favoured by search engines because they speak to the authority and quality of your website. If your content is so good and so valuable that others want to link to your pages naturally, search engines know that your site is high quality. As you gain more organic links, you could also gain higher search rankings.

Start with the Best Content

To start getting these benefits, use only the best content. Search engines favour content that is well written, resourceful and valuable. It needs to fill a specific need without being stuffed with keywords. Make sure every blog post and site page has a goal and is of the highest quality.

Use SEO Strategically

Your SEO campaigns need to be strategic if you want to see an increase of organic traffic through search results. Choose your keywords carefully and use them naturally throughout your content. Make sure your site is readable for search engines and keep adding fresh content so your site will be crawled regularly.

Work for Earned Links

Avoid low-quality link building campaigns and instead, work for earned links. The first step is making sure your content is so good that people will want to link to it. Then, share your content through social media and reach out to bloggers who would be interested in covering your business or products.

Organic traffic is valuable because it brings people who are already interested in your business to your website. This traffic can help you increase sales, boost visitor engagement, grow your email list and build your audience.

To get this organic traffic, you need a strong SEO campaign that is based on high-quality content. Know who your audience is, choose keywords carefully and make gaining earned links part of your strategy.