Bigfoot Digital- A Work Experience Students Perspective

After months of anticipation, it was time to face the real world and start a work experience programme- a programme that is meant to build up confidence and prepare teenagers for their future.

I arrived at the front of the building with sweating palms and a racing heart. It was the first day of work experience and I was about to endure, what I thought, would be 2 weeks of making coffee. I was lead up to the fifth floor by the account manager, Jodie. The office instantly greeted me with a warm welcome which made me feel more at ease and ready to start the working day.

Abbey showed me the ropes and a brief overview of the companies I’d be working with. I was shown how to schedule posts on Facebook and how to use software such as Sprout. I had to be creative with what I posts I made, so I got stuck in straight away!

After a morning of ‘hardcore’ posting on social media, I was let loose with a camera. I have a passion for photography and I had the opportunity to show off my skills. My task was to wander the building taking corporate photos and ‘fun’ photos involving the business mascot. Venturing around the building, I really got a feel for the work place and the atmosphere, along with taking some impressive photos.

The next day was time to edit the photo’s I had taken. I worked closely with the digital executive, Mat. I was taught how to use Adobe Lightroom to enhance my photos. I edited my photos to perfection and the product was something I was proud of. As the week progressed I switched between social media and photography, each day I was becoming more and more confident in the office. By Friday, I was familiar with the clients and fully understood my role as a social media assistant.

“Work Experience at Bigfoot Digital enabled me to think about my future and open up new career pathways I never thought were possible.”

I entered the building on the second week with a bright smile and determination to face the challenges I was given. I started the week scheduling more posts, each one more creative than the next.
Emily, the digital marketing strategist, set me a task to write a blog for the website on SEO. I hadn’t specialised in this area so this task proved a challenge. However, I spent the morning researching my chosen topic and planning what I was going to write. By the end of the day, I had produced my first ever blog post which was soon uploaded to the website.

My time at Bigfoot Digital was coming to an end, after hundreds of Facebook posts, a few blogs and a handful of photographs I was getting ready to leave. I felt like a part of the team, and the team felt like I was a part too. They liked me that much I was offered a job through summer carrying on, which showed me my work had paid off. These past two weeks were some of the best, most interesting days of the school year and I can’t wait to be back!