Why a Strong Online Presence Matters for Your Business

Online marketing requires so much more than simply posting information online, and you may be wondering how to create a professional online presence.

Unfortunately, many businesses publish a website and set up a few social media accounts and then check online marketing off the to-do list. With a strong, engaging online presence you can reach a wider market, make more sales and strengthen your brand.

Your Market is Online

Regardless of what kind of business you have, there’s a good chance that a large portion of your target market uses the Internet. These days, it’s hard to find someone that doesn’t use the Internet.

While the amount of time your market spends online may fluctuate depending on what you do and what kinds of products you offer, people are online. They are staying in touch with friends, emailing, reading blogs, keeping up with the news and shopping.

With the way the Internet has infiltrated our lives, skipping Internet marketing can be very detrimental to your business. Failing to promote your business online means you are missing out on valuable marketing opportunities.

The Internet can Take your Marketing Further

We’ve blogged before about how blogging and social media alone can help you reach 80 percent of Internet users.

Offline marketing tactics like brochures, billboards, print ads, television spots and events can only help you reach so many people. To take these kinds of things national and reach a larger audience, you need lots of time, resources and a large budget.

But with Internet marketing, reaching a huge audience suddenly becomes much more practical. You will still need to work to get blog readers, social media followers and online customers, but, you won’t be confined by geographic location.

Online Marketing can Complement Offline Marketing

Because the Internet has become such a huge part of our lives, marketing that combines both online and offline strategies is extremely effective. When you work to build your presence and attract customers online, your Internet presence can make your offline strategies more effective.

For example, by using the same tag lines, messaging and branding online and offline, you have more opportunities to tell your audience who you are and promote your products. When you can create a brand experience that your customers and potential customers benefit from on their laptops and smartphones and in your stores, your entire brand becomes much more established and stronger.

Many online tools are offering businesses ways to do this. For example, Facebook recently announced hyper-local ads that will let businesses market to users when they live or visit an area within a specific distance from a business location. It’s likely that these kinds of tools will become more and more common.

Internet marketing can bring a huge variety of benefits that will help your business attract more customers, make more sales and be more successful overall. Simply putting up a static website or opening social media accounts, without using them to their fullest potential, isn’t enough.

To really reach your market and maintain your brand and reputation, you need Internet marketing. We specialise in Internet marketing, search engine optimisation and social media management. Contact us for help jump starting your online marketing and reaching a bigger audience.