Streamline your Social Media Management and Save Time!

If you aren’t careful, social media marketing can take over your entire day.

Managing several different accounts, interacting with followers and sharing content can be extremely time consuming and it’s easy to spend more time than intended on these kinds of tasks.

However, having a plan and approaching social media in a streamlined way will help you save time, making it easier to take on other digital marketing and branding projects.

Choose your Accounts and Make them Shine

It’s impossible to use every social media site well. Instead of spreading yourself too thin, which will make it hard to get results from social media marketing, choose a few accounts and make them shine.

Find out what sites your market uses and which ones lend themselves to your brand. Then, focus on those sites and make the most of them. Leverage the features and fully develop your accounts to create engaged communities.

Create and Use a Social Media Content Calendar

Take some time each month to create a calendar to guide your efforts. Sitting down and brainstorming how you will use your accounts and determining calls to action, what content you want to share, special campaigns and product promotions in advance will save you a lot of time throughout the month.

Your calendar can be very detailed or it can be more general, simply outlining what types of content you will share and what kinds of special promotional efforts you will use.

Set a Schedule and Stick to It

Instead of letting social media take up your day or squeezing it in at the last minute when you don’t have time for it, make a schedule and then stick to it. This means setting aside some time every day for checking in on your accounts and following through with the strategy you outlined in your content calendar.

Many businesses use scheduling tools, like HootSuite, to schedule posts to go live later. There’s nothing wrong with this, and this approach can be very helpful for planning and making sure your accounts are active even when you can’t post to them. However, don’t rely completely on them or you will risk making your accounts feel spammy and missing out on valuable interaction with your online audience.

Make your Efforts Count

Finally, save time on social media by making sure all of your efforts are strategic. Do things purposefully and make sure the steps you take support your overall marketing and business goals. As you do this, you will avoid wasting time using your social media accounts in ways that aren’t bringing the most value.

It’s vital that the things you do on social media bring a return on your efforts. They should help you promote your products, increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your site and accomplish other goals that benefit your business as a whole.

Streamlining the way you use social media will help you manage it better, saving you time and making your efforts more valuable. Use these tips to enhance your own social media marketing and make time for other marketing tactics.