Starting Social Media Marketing from Scratch

We hear a lot about how to enhance social media marketing campaigns, how to get better results and how to use different sites to promote a business. But, there isn’t a lot of advice for marketers who are just getting started.

Whether you are just getting started with social media marketing or you are opening a new account to add to your social media plan, this post is for you. Laying a strong foundation for your social media marketing is important, so that you can run successful marketing and advertising campaigns and build a community that bolsters your online presence.

Choose your Sites Carefully

Every social media site is different. They offer different features, attract different audiences and can help you accomplish different things. For example, Pinterest and Instagram are highly visual and LinkedIn attracts students, professionals and other businesses.

Before you start opening accounts, think about which sites will help you reach your goals. Consider things like your target market and the kind of content you want to share as you decide which sites to use.

Brand Pages as much as Possible

Once you have set up your accounts, spend some time branding your pages. This means adding profile pictures, cover images, information about your business, contact information and links. Different social networks offer different opportunities for branding, so look at all the features and settings to find ways to make your page look like it belongs to your business.

Connect your Properties

Part of branding is connecting your online properties. This will make your online presence more comprehensive and will also make it easier for your customers and members of your market to find you in several places.

Start by adding links to your website that direct people to your various social media accounts. Also, don’t forget to add sharing buttons underneath your content so people can help you promote it!

Then, consider linking your accounts together where possible. For example, Google Plus allows you to add links to your other social media accounts and your website to your profile.

Create some Starter Posts

Before you start publicising your accounts, create some starter posts. When people come to your page and find helpful content and can get an idea of what your account is all about, they will be more likely to follow you.

Create five to 10 posts for your accounts by writing updates and linking to your website and other content. You can post these manually over the course of a few days or you can use a scheduling program to slowly unroll your content.

Start Building your Following

Now that your accounts are set up and branded and have some starter posts, it’s time to start building your following! Continue to share content that appeals to your market to make sure your accounts provide value.

As you do this, follow other accounts, interact with other users, participate in discussions, join or create groups and leverage the features on your accounts to make them stand out and to attract followers. You should also use other channels, like your blog or email marketing, to tell your market about your accounts and ask people to follow you.

Starting social media accounts from scratch requires some strategic planning and some setting up so that when you launch your pages, they will start bringing results.