Start-Up to Watch – Tellagence

When start-ups come along and tell me that they’re planning to make my job easier, I can’t help but sit up straight and give them my full attention. Social media marketing is a huge part of my day, and contrary to popular belief, it’s about more than just posting cute pictures of cats on my company Facebook page and replying “LOL” to all the comments we receive. A huge part of this job involves getting elbow deep in data and statistics and tying to establish the best way to reach the most people, with the smallest budget.

The biggest challenge in social media marketing today is reaching the right people in the right way. Small businesses will often get down on themselves because their follower count is low, or not many people “Like” them on Facebook. The problem is not that people don’t like your product, the problem is that they don’t know you’re using the network. They aren’t going to come looking for you, you have to find them! Even if you shell out money for Facebook advertising, you still aren’t guaranteed that your message will reach the people who care.

That’s where Tellagence comes into play; they claim they can predict social information flow, meaning they can tell you where your message will go once you release it on Twitter. There are plenty of analytics services available that offer to tell you where your message has been, or even some that will predict where your message will end up based on past¬†experience. But Tellagence points out that this doesn’t account for one very important factor: change.

The element of change is very important; just because a user once retweeted you, it doesn’t mean they’ll always do the same in future. What’s more important is how the content you’re publishing will be received by your audience, and who will find it most interesting.¬†With the Tellagence technology, which is all very hush hush and referred to as “a combination of sciences”, they claim they can predict which relationships you need to be cultivating with your fans.

From what we can see in previews, the deliverable is a visualisation of your network and the relationships you need to cultivate. This could be the ideal tool for sifting through the noise and the uninterested followers to reach those who are really interested in what you have to say. Fingers crossed the team can deliver!