Start-Up to Watch: PostRocket

Want to launch your Facebook posts at the moon but find them losing altitude only a few feet off the ground? PostRocket, which is yet another California tech start-up, may be able to assist you in your efforts.

The start-up recently raised $615,000 to help launch them off the ground. This money will go towards padding out the team, content recommendation technology, and a little marketing, so hopefully they’ll be out of private beta soon and the whole world can have a go at optimising their Facebook posts.

Their aim is simple, to help brands decide what to post and when; it’s been dubbed “News Feed Optimisation“, and it’s touted to be the next SEO. We’ll see about that. PostRocket analyses your Facebook feed, and then gives recommendations of what to post and when based on the demographics of your following.

Since Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm only allows a small portion of the whole feed picture to be shown in users’ news feeds, Brands are struggling to make sure their content is displayed to many of their fans as possible. With this new tool, it could take the guess work out of trying to establish the best time to post, and which content best engages your audience.

At this stage, they obviously aren’t giving much away about how they’re doing it. In their 500 StartUps page they simply write:

“Marketing on Facebook is difficult and we make it extremely easy for Facebook Pages to achieve maximum fan reach, engagement and virality out of every single one of their posts.”

According to TechCruch, who interviewed the 21 year old founder, PostRocket pulls in all the data available and gives daily recommendations of what your brand should post, with reported results of doubling the amount of users who see optimised posts. It will be interesting to see if they can indeed deliver virality out of every single Facebook post.

I’m currently on the beta waiting list – full report coming soon!