Should you Start a Podcast Next Year?

Image courtesy of Surat Lozowick/Flickr.

Podcasts aren’t for everyone, but they are a perfect fit for businesses that regularly blog, have a strong following and have valuable information to share that can be highlighted with audio. With a podcast, you can communicate with your market in a new way and even gain more social media followers, as you appeal to Internet users who like to tune into podcasts and webinars.

Before you hit the “record” button and start publishing podcasts, take a few things into consideration to make sure they will benefit your business.

Podcasts Require Regular Maintenance

If you start a podcast, post a few episodes and then abandon it, you could actually be doing your business more harm than good. Podcasts need to be recorded on a regular basis and require continual effort.

To have a successful podcast, you will need to spend time researching information to share, writing scripts, recording episodes, editing audio and finally, publishing episodes and responding to comments from fans. If you have time for these tasks, it’s likely that your podcast could really shine and help you establish your online brand.

People Only Listen to Interesting and Entertaining Podcasts

While the details and ins and outs of your business, industry or area of expertise might be extremely interesting to you, you have to think about whether or not they would also be interesting to a large audience.

Successful podcasts cover interesting and helpful information in an entertaining way. Their hosts know how to capture interest, share important information in a clear way and even how to make in-depth topics fun to hear about. The best podcasters have a real talent for sharing information and entertaining audiences with audio alone.

This skill can be learned, but to do well you need to start with a topic that will attract an audience. Brainstorm ideas for podcasts and think about what topics would lend themselves well to regular instalments and entertaining listeners.

Podcasts are Still a Marketing Tactic

While you do want to cater your podcast to your audience, you need to remember that it still needs to act as a marketing tool for your business. If it doesn’t help you promote your products, build your brand and attract customers, all the time and resources you put into a podcast won’t be worth it.

You need to make sure the return on the investment you put into your podcast will benefit your business. To do this, work to target the content to people who can benefit your business, like potential or current customers. Then, fit the podcast into your marketing plan by including calls to action, search engine optimisation tactics and social media promotion to help make your podcast successful and valuable to your business.

If your business can provide valuable content and promote your brand through a podcast, next year could be the perfect time to launch one. As you get started, remember to carefully target your market, use calls to action and then promote your podcast through things like your social media accounts, blog and marketing emails so you can build a regular audience.