Sport Relief 2012 @ The Digital Media Centre

Here at Bigfoot Digital we like to get stuck in when it comes down to fundraising, and because it was for such a good cause we felt extremely excited to play our part in Sport Relief 2012.The Digital Media Centre approached us with an exciting and fun challenge and that challenge was to try and keep the wheels of two exercise bikes spinning for a full day, and they needed the help of everyone at the Media Centre. Here at Bigfoot Digital we like to stand out from the crowd, and what better way to stand out than to dress up as farmyard animals whilst completing our stint on the bikes? Lindsey and I quickly accepted this challenge and we kicked off this morning’s cycle event in two rather fetching cow and rabbit costumes, the chosen music was quite amusing as we found ourselves peddling away to Queen’s-Bicycle Race. People were soon lining up to keep the wheels turning and made some very generous donations towards Sport Relief 2012.

The second event that took place this morning was a race up one tower of the Media Centre, across the top floor then back down the opposite tower, we were out of breath just thinking about it! Unfortunately we didn’t participate in this task, but one young chap managed to run up five stories’ and back down in a very impressive 58 seconds which proved almost impossible to beat! So instead we headed over to the cake stall that had some rather creamy and delicious looking buns and pies on display, and from our intense cycling stint we thought we’d reward ourselves with a great big piece if apple pie  and because it contains apples it counts as one of our 5 a day?…right?

It was great to see everyone coming together to raise money for people that need it the most both here in the UK and in some of the world’s poorest countries. We hope everyone has a fantastic weekend, and if you’re taking part in the ‘Mile’ then good luck from the team here at Bigfoot Digital!


Here are a few pictures from this morning: