Spooky SEO Tips: Ideas for Halloween Marketing

Spooky SEO Tips: Ways to market your business for Halloween

It’s October and that means people are hitting the shops, buying costumes and stocking up on sweets. Halloween has grown in popularity over the last few decades and is now a massive commercial and fun festival that engages millions of people. We have put together some top SEO tips to help you optimise your on-page content and make the most of the season.

You don’t need to be a dressing-up shop to get involved. Grabbing seasonal opportunities helps you connect with a wider customer base, be seen as a friendly and engaging business and have some fun with your digital marketing and SEO campaign! We’ve included some fantastic examples below, including how Bigfoot Digital make the most of Halloween.

And, for a little fun, see if you can find the four SEO and digital media terms hidden in Halloween references! (Answers at the bottom of the page.)

SEO Tip: blogging and dress-up

We might not be children any more, but we all love getting in the spirit of things and adorning a black hat or dressing as a troll come Halloween. Could your office have a dressing up day? Get the camera out, take some photos and add it to your blog or social media content. Your customers will love to see the faces and people behind the business.

Not only that, but Google loves fresh content as it shows that your website is up-to-date and able to provide information for your customers. Publishing regular blogs is a fantastic way to show Google that you’re an active and engaging business. This means that you should grab opportunities for fun blog posts that your customers will like to read.

Bigfoot have got on board with this too. Our office yeti has got himself a pumpkin Halloween costume and taking some snaps for our blog and social media platforms!

If you can’t have an office dress up, that doesn’t mean you can’t post engaging and creative content on your blog or website for Halloween. Just look at this blog post for example!

SEO Tips Yeti dressed for Halloween

SEO Tip: Logo and on-page edits

Are there ways you can change your on-page appearance to appeal to customers? For instance, you could edit your logo design: hang some spiders from the letters or some cobwebs in the corner.

Google is the ultimate example of this. They don’t just edit their logo on Halloween; they’re known for their creative engagement with international festivals, famous people’s birthdays and historical events through their ‘Google Doodles’. Google knows that engaging with topical events is a great way to appeal to customers. They come across as a fun and user-friendly brand because of it.

But here’s a top SEO tip: don’t forget to change it back afterwards! As great as it is to engage with Halloween, you don’t want to have a spooky logo or monster bot photo come November – that’ll just confuse your customers!

There are so many ways that you can engage with your customers this Halloween. If you sell Halloween-related products, then you’ll already be promoting them on your website and in your SEO campaign. But (here’s another SEO tip) SEO is a long-term campaign, so it’s always best to plan in advance for the high and low seasons.

(Does that mean it’s time to mention… Christmas!?)

We would love to help you with your digital marketing and SEO work. We have a team of experts who know how to get you to rank on Google and be seen by your customers, no matter what the time of year. If you want more SEO tips and advice, then get in touch!

Did you spot our four SEO and Halloween cross overs? Black hat, spiders, trolls and bots all feature!