Social Network Marketing Definition: What is social media marketing?

Social Network Marketing: What is social media marketing?

socil network marketing definition: man taking photo of food for Instagram

Wondering what social network marketing is? We’ve got you covered.

Social media marketing (SMM) is an online marketing technique used to engage with potential customers and increase brand visibility in the place where your audience is most active. Popular social media marketing platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Today’s world is dominated by mobile phones and people start to panic if they’re not constantly connected. Long gone are the days of writing a letter, posting it with a first class stamp, and hoping it would get there in time.  Today, technology has that covered with the use of social media to globally connect people in an instant.

When we talk about social network marketing, we are not just talking about posting party pictures from the night before or videos of your pets. Social media is a productive tool for business owners. After all, your customers are active on social media, and you should be too.

Naturally, every social media platform is unique, and getting to know where your audience is most active is the first step to social media marketing. For example, if your business operates in the B2B market, consider LinkedIn, while those targeting under 18’s would be best using Instagram or Twitter.

What are the aims of social network marketing?

  • Promoting more substantial website traffic – Linking your website to your social media accounts opens up the opportunity for website visits, which boosts the chances of conversion.
  • Increasing brand awareness – sharing your brand across social media consistently ensures that users will regularly see your posts and therefore will take notice of your brand.
  • Enhancing SEO rankings – Although not hugely obvious to those not in the know, social media marketing helps to boost your SEO through website links and referral traffic and is an indirect yet effective aim.
  • Boosting customer engagement – Start conversations with clients only to increase the chance of conversion, but also to ensure your brand message is conveyed clearly and directly.

Why should I use social media for my business?

As discussed, not having a social media presence is like having a business and neglecting to purchase a phone. It’s not completely essential, but it does help to generate leads. It’s the same for social media marketing. People will dig their heels in and say, “what is social media going to do for me?” “It’s a network for socialising; not for serious business – right?” Wrong.

Here are the three reasons you need social media marketing to make your business a success:

Social media posts that drive traffic

Whatever your industry niche or target market, a large percentage of your audience will be active on social media. If you’re not posting on a regular basis, potential customers will look elsewhere. And by elsewhere, we mean your competitors.

Social media provides an opportunity for people to find your website, explore your content and make an enquiry or purchase. And, because those posts show up on your public feed, they are mostly targeted at people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

Frequent links back to your website will drive more converting traffic and, what’s more, your analytics will look spectacular.

It boosts your websites SEO

Search engines know which pages attract the most traffic, and which remain neglected by your audience. While constant streams of traffic coming into your website will influence your rankings, Google isn’t going to spend time crawling content that no one wants to read – it’s just common sense.

Participating in social network marketing, and publishing engaging content will generate more likes, comments and shares, and will direct your customers to those fewer viewed pages. It’s simple – the more people interact with your content, the more traffic you receive and the greater the chance of someone linking to your site. A backlink, as you may already know, is the number one ranking factor. Essentially, Google likes to see that your content is of great value and that you are a trusted source.

Social media marketing helps you to understand your audience.

Social media advertising enables you to target your desired audience with specially-tailored ads. By taking the time to research your ideal demographic, you can learn about how they like to view content, when they’re online and how they use the internet. A significant amount of information is displayed about online users, meaning businesses can use this to adapt

advertisements based on their location, age, gender and interests. This can be done relatively quickly through social platforms, making it a great, cost-effective marketing technique. This means less time is spent trying to find out more about your audiences, where more time, and effort, can be utilised to reach out to them.

You can find new customers who don’t know about your brand

Social media is all about sharing content with your friends, family and followers. Even a few shares, regrams or retweets can mean that your content is seen by a huge number of potential customers. Invite your friends, family and loyal customers to like, share and recommend your brand – it’s an excellent marketing strategy to ensure your brand increases its reach.

So, how do you get started?

Starting up a social media account for your business is easy. You know what your company is offering and what your message is, so shout about it! Create a profile that showcases the most significant, and unique, aspects of your business, along with the essential information that your target audience needs to know. Once you’re all set up, follow these top tips for a successful social media presence:

Be active. Liking and commenting on others posts will notify users that you are active online. Replying to questions and messages about your company as soon as possible also increases the chance of conversion.
Post regularly. Frequent posts will enable you to provide more information about your business regularly. Posting regularly will also help to show your audience you are an active business, along with making it more likely that users will follow your posts.
Be creative with your content. Fun content, such as competitions, games, and questions, will get your target audience engaged.

Not sure where to begin? Hire the social network marketing experts

Social network marketing isn’t easy for everyone. It is a time-consuming process if you want to get the right results, and not every business owner has time for that. Here at Bigfoot Digital, we pride ourself on high-quality social media marketing that generates results for our valued clients. For more information about our social media marketing services call us on 01226 720 755.