Social Network Marketing Definition: What is social media marketing?

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing (SMM) is an online marketing technique used to engage with potential customers and increase brand visibility in the place where your audience is most active. Popular social media marketing platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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Social media made simple – A step by step guide!

Today’s world is dominated by mobile phones, and people start to panic if they’re not constantly connected. Long gone are the days of writing a letter, posting it with a first class stamp, and hoping it would get there in time.

Today, technology has that covered with the use of social media to connect people globally in an instant.

When we talk about social network marketing, we are not just talking about posting party pictures from the night before or videos of your pets. Social media is a productive tool for business owners. After all, your customers are active on social media, and you should be too.

Naturally, every social media platform is unique, and getting to know where your audience is most active is the first step to social media marketing. For example, if your business operates in the B2B market, consider LinkedIn, while those targeting under 18’s would be best using Instagram or Twitter.

What are the benefits of social network marketing?

Promoting online sales:

Linking your website to your social media accounts opens up the opportunity for website visits, which results in more conversions. Consider including social media sharing buttons on your blogs, guides and resources. This will encourage more people to share your content on social media. Once the first person shares, more people will follow suit. No one likes to be the first! Get the ball rolling with shares from your website to your social media business accounts.

Increasing brand awareness:

Sharing your brand across social media consistently ensures that users regularly see your posts and therefore will take notice of your brand. Typically, people need to see your brand seven times or more before making a purchase. It’s all about trust!

Targeted advertising:

As your business embraces social media marketing, your strategy will most likely grow to include social media advertising. It can be scary to jump straight from organic posting to paying for your place in the results. The key is to identify your target markets. What interests them? Are they male or female? Older, younger? Answer these questions to make the most out of your ad budget. The more focused your targeting, the higher your conversion rate.

Enhancing SEO rankings:

Although not directly, social media marketing helps to boost your SEO through website links and referral traffic. Keep your content interesting and informative for maximum shares, comments and links.

What are the social media strategies for growth?

As discussed, not having a social media presence is like having a business and neglecting to purchase a phone. It’s not entirely essential, but it does help to generate leads. It’s the same for social media marketing. People will dig their heels in and say, “what is social media going to do for me?” “It’s a network for socialising; not for serious business – right?” Wrong.

Here are four social media strategies you can implement to grow your business today:  


Collaborations are great if you are new to the social media game. They allow you to promote your brand with help from popular influencers. These people are already crushing it on social media with thousands of followers who like, comment and share their posts on a regular basis. Imagine the power of that promotion. It’s infectious.

Take the time to do precisely that; like, comment and share posts. Basically, give influencers a reason to collaborate with your brand. You may be able to agree on a mutually beneficial collaboration. For example, you produce quality content for their website, and in return, they promote your brand on social media – win, win!

Engage with your audience – don’t ignore:

The social media network was built as communication a channel. This means their main purpose is to converse and discuss topics of interest. Your brand can’t forget these core principals of networking. It takes time to keep up conversations with your followers and make sure that you make an effort to reply to comments.

Designating people to specific tasks will help with your workflow and productivity. You should never feel overwhelmed.

Post at optimum times of day:

When are your customers most active on social media? If you targeting are business owners, who are likely to be sitting at a laptop or computer, then why not opt for lunchtime? They will be taking a break from their work and have time to engage with your content. But, hang on a minute, what if I’m not around to post at that time? (I’m probably eating my lunch, too!) That’s where social media scheduling comes in. Using tools, like Hootsuite and Sprout Social, allow you schedule posts ahead of time. It’s a huge timesaver – something we can 100% recommend!

Not sure when to schedule posts? Test, test and test some more. Every successful marketing campaign had to start somewhere. We don’t always have the answers. We need to test things first to ensure we build on what we already have.

Track and monitor everything:

So, how well did you latest social media campaign perform? Let’s say you are split testing two campaigns. Without consistently monitoring your efforts, you can’t know which social media campaign performed best. An inside look into your analytics will give you a significant advantage, especially if you are managing multiple accounts.

Screen showing social media analytics.

You need to have a clear idea of your most essential metrics – reach, audience growth, website clicks, conversions, etc. Knowing what is working in your favour and what you need to improve will progress your campaign in ways you didn’t think possible.

Not sure where to begin? Hire the social network marketing experts

Social network marketing isn’t easy for everyone. It is a time-consuming process if you want to get the right results. And let’s face it, as a business owner, you probably have more pressing considerations.

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