What Are All The Social Media Sites?

What Are The Most Popular Social Media Sites?

Social media sites are taking over the world of the internet. How can you ensure you’re signed up to beneficial platforms?

Desk setup showing social media sites: Facebook

Over the years, social media marketing has become one of the most influential ways to grow a business’ following. That much so that everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon, creating profiles left, right and centre in an attempt to increase their popularity.

Different social media sites can benefit businesses for plenty of reasons; growing a company following, sharing exciting news from your industry and encouraging more clicks through to your site from the content you post can significantly increase your exposure. Doing it the right way is essential.

It can seem rather daunting to know which sites will benefit your business and which won’t really take off. It’s important to hand pick these instead of signing up to hundreds of sites and hoping for the best. Your business will benefit more from some sites than others.

There is a method to the madness. Think about your industry, research where all your target audience is spending most of their time and begin planning ahead with your strategy. Having the right strategy will put you in the best position to get you more attention.

So…where are your potential new customers spending most of their time online?

Some sites will obviously be a home to more of your audience than others. Popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have a high chance of grabbing the attention of your customers, so it’s time you went out of your way to find them.

Social media networks.

You know the sorts. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn… the ones that allow you to connect with other people and share your content for the world to see. It’s a great way to grow your following, increasing those website clicks and converting those important clicks into sales.

Facebook is the most popular platform around today and is extremely beneficial for businesses in a range of industries. With its ability to showcase businesses’ assets and advertise its services to the right people, it’s the go-to place for a little extra promotion.

If you’re looking to connect with businesses in more of a fast paced environment, then look towards Twitter. Twitter gives you the ability to share your content to the most relevant audience, and by using the right hashtags, you can get your content seen far and wide.

Instagram, even though a relatively new social network, has quickly become one of the world’s favourites. By sharing high-quality images and video, people can get some insight into what your business is all about. Again, hashtags are huge on Instagram, helping to boost those views.

Another platform that is purely based on professionalism and business is LinkedIn. This social site enables you to connect and communicate with business professionals anywhere in the world and to share your industry related content with those who are looking for it.

Social news sites.

Social news sites allow you to post links and information about the industry. Platforms such as Reddit and Newsvine are popular choices and are used by millions of people to index external links and to find out new information about topics that are of interest to them.

Using Reddit as an example, the articles can be upvoted to show how users felt about them and whether they were useful. The articles with the most votes get moved up page results, getting seen by more and more people on the platform.

Blogging forums.

Getting people talking about your industry and your content is what makes your business tick by. Particular subjects on blogging forums encourage people to read articles and post comments with their thoughts. Social sites like Blogger are great for this.

A lot of blogging sites are based around a specific topic or niche, so it can be hard to find one that suits and one that people engage with more. This is where social media sites have the upper hand; they cover all bases and industries.

Media sites.

Keeping in mind the different types of media and content that can be used across social sites will enable you to keep things interesting while presenting invaluable information about your business to your potential customers. There are many different sites that can make a difference to your exposure.

Types of media sharing sites like YouTube are immensely popular. You can create corporate videos which can then be shared externally on a ton of social media sites. Exploring the different features of these sites can present you with more ideas and ways to get more creative with your promotion.

Let Bigfoot Digital take away the stresses of social media sites.

The different approaches to a social media strategy can be difficult to keep on top of. From deciding on the different platforms to work with to planning out a schedule and coming up with mountains of creative content, your goals can really seem a million miles away.

This is where we come in. At our expert agency, we have a whole social media marketing team who are dedicated to creating, implementing and delivering personalised strategies for our clients. Their strategies are constantly thriving and are overwhelmingly successful.

If you’re looking for some assistance in moving forward with your strategy or have any questions regarding social media sites, contact our friendly team today on 01226 720 755 or email us at enquiries@bigfootdigital.co.uk. We have all the expertise you need!