Which social media platforms do YOU need to be on?

A question we get asked on a regular basis, primarily from small business owners, is “which social media platforms do I need to be on?” Unfortunately, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to answering this question – get in touch today for a customised social media marketing strategy.

When we’re asked which platforms are best for which businesses, the first thing we need to take into consideration is the target audience of that company – there’s absolutely no point in wasting time, effort and budget where your audience isn’t present and engaged. You’ll be left frustrated, out of pocket and no further forward. When we’ve established your audience, we can go through each platform, list their pros and cons and advise accordingly.

Next, it’s worth looking at the big players in the social media world and asking whether or not you can keep up with your competitors on these platforms. Does your rival have a fantastic Twitter account that you could only hope to replicate? Is their Instagram amazing and something that is totally out of reach? If so, it’s better to have a presence on less platforms, but to execute these really well, then if and when your capacity increases, so can your social media presence.

Once you’ve established where your audience are and which platforms you can effectively manage, it’s time to work out a social media strategy to help your posting. A plan helps you stay focused. Think about key events that are relevant to your business – the Euros, Olympics, Wimbledon and Glastonbury for example. We’re running a campaign for Yorkshire Smokefree tied into Euro 2016 called “Can you last longer than England?” which ties in really well.

Before posting, it’s also worth thinking about whether you can undertake the work yourself. Many think that social media management involves throwing up a post every now and again and that’s the end of it. If only! Creative copywriting, graphic production, budget management, monitoring insights, community management and market research just about scrape the surface of managing a social media campaign, and if it’s not done properly, it’s likely you’ll see minimal to no ROI from your efforts.

This is where we come in! Here at Bigfoot Digital, we can manage your social media whether you’d like a presence on one, or all platforms. By conducting market research, we can discover where your audience are spending time online, and put your business right in front of them, by creating creative campaigns, we can engage your audience and encourage sales and by managing your community, we can develop your brand reputation and be your company’s voice online.