Why does your business need a Social Media Strategy?

It’s a golden opportunity to build relationships with your existing and prospective customers, engage with those who will share your content and it’s now a big factor in ranking too.

It’s also one of the fastest evolving marketing channels, with new features and updates being released all the time. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest Snapchat and LinkedIn – it can be impossible to keep up!

That’s where our team of experienced Social Media Executives come in who are always one step ahead of the game to ensure you make the most of your online profiles – whatever the nature of your business.

So how do we do it?

Social Media Audit

We start by carrying out a social media audit of your target audience and cross reference this with your highest performing competitors. This is a vital part of the process as it helps develop a definitive strategy to boost sales as well as your online credibility. We’ll also make sure your profiles are optimised for the best practices too.

Build your audience

We target the potential customers, of course! There’s also the opportunity with social media to follow industries and users within your industry to put your brand at the front and centre to those who matter to your business.

Social Advertising

Social advertising is a quick-fire way to give your profile a boost to ensure you reach all the right people, and then some. Take a look at our Facebook Advertising page.


Our marketing team will provide you with a social media posting schedule which will promote your website as well as the services you provide. Our team of experts will know exactly when to post, who to target and what hashtags to use to get the best results.


It all comes down to results. We’ll give you monthly updates on how your social media profiles are generating results and meeting your initial targets set following the social media audit.

Discover our collection of social media opportunities for all platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and see how you can take advantage of your online presence and bring in new customers.