Social Media Marketing London

Social Media Marketing London

A social media marketing London company with a focus on conversions.

Social media unlocks the power to brand awareness, increased web traffic and high conversion rates. It’s like a gold mine for attracting new customers who are looking for companies like yours. However, it only works if you target the right people based on demographics and interests. We’re an award-winning social media marketing London agency with experience in converting clicks into loyal customers.

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Social media is not a ‘set it up and leave it’ strategy. Nor is it something you run based on ‘gut instinct’ or what you ‘think’ your customers want to see. Nothing is ever done on chance. Our social media strategies are based on measurable data so we can quickly meet the demands of audiences by delivering content, posts and information they want to see.

Which social media platforms should your company use?


A Facebook page for your business instantly makes you more discoverable online. Using Facebook ads and continuously communicating with your followers is a great way to build trust and show that you are an active business.


You can do a lot with a tweet, a hashtag, and an inspiring image. Twitter is an excellent tool for brand awareness as it can reach a global audience in one tweet. Use the right caption and a trending hashtag, and you’re in the money. You can communicate with people who are searching for products and looking for discounts from companies they admire.


Looking to display a professional image to your audience? Do you operate in a B2B market? If you answered “that’s me,” you’d be a fool to neglect this social network. LinkedIn is a social media platform designed to build your brand and establish relationships. Businesses can use LinkedIn to connect with professionals, share content and stay current with trends.


Instagram is a rapidly growing social media platform with the unique ability to communicate with customers visually. Most shoppers are used to seeing visual information; think labels, posters and adverts. Visual marketing always clinches the sale. Instagram offers several tools to help you engage with potential customers. The new click to buy feature is a personal favourite.


The future is image search; with Pinterest, you’re ahead of the game. Rich pins make it easy to add posts about recipes, home interiors, outfits and more. Basically, anything that offers inspiration to readers is going to perform well.

There is a tremendous opportunity to reach existing customers and attract new ones using these social media platforms. However, many companies can feel overwhelmed with so many options. Our social media marketing London agency can manage all your accounts with great success.

Setting up a Facebook account for Social Media Marketing London

Integration with email marketing services:

All major social media platforms have the option to export your entire list of followers. This can be incredibly effective when it comes to putting a face to a name who is already interested in your brand. From there, you can deepen your relationship using email marketing to remarket popular products and services. If you’re doing social media marketing right, however, you have already started to encourage email sign-ups on your social media accounts. In addition, your email marketing should feature links back to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to add a second layer of communication.

Social media and conversion tracking

As with all our internet marketing services, we monitor everything. We believe that no strategy is complete without data. How else do you know what is working for you, and what you should do to improve? That’s right; you don’t. We take the complexity out of analytics with honest, to-the-point reporting.

We’ll constantly monitor your social media activity including everything from mentions, likes, comments and shares. It’s an important topic as it’s directly tied to your online reputation. This can instantly help improve interactivity with followers by presenting insights into content and responding to demand.

Making your social media strategy profitable

Our social media marketing London agency is not like the rest. We use performance-based strategies to improve your ROI and cost per lead. We’ll make your business profitable through social media. We start by looking at the competition to see what they are doing. Finding their weak spots and capitalising on those mistakes is what makes your business stand out as an industry leader.

We then provide a list of social media opportunities that include everything from generating leads to sharing knowledge. Our creative designers are proficient in Adobe Creative Suite and frequently great captivating images and videos that get brand recognised online.

What makes our social media marketing London agency the best?

There are thousands of social media companies out there. So, what makes us stand out above the competition? We’re an award-winning social media marketing London agency with proven results for our clients. Most agencies will hold back information from their clients. They’re selective with the truth. But, not us. We are totally transparent and honest in everything we do.

A dedicated SEO Executive will send your monthly report detailing the progression of your campaign – whether that’s a rise in rankings or more conversions from social media. Data doesn’t lie, so you’ll get to know exactly where your money is going. The proof, as we like to say, is in the pudding. Call us today on 01226 720 755 to find out how we can help your business thrive on social media. Alternatively, you can drop us a message at for more information – we’d love to help your London business!