Why Your Social Media Marketing isn’t Working

If you just aren’t getting the results you’d like to see from social media marketing, your efforts can become frustrating and even wasted very quickly. Putting so much time and resources into your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media accounts, only to feel like they aren’t getting you anywhere can be dangerous for your business.

Weak social media accounts don’t bring web traffic, sales, increased awareness or a strong community. They can also damage your reputation. So what’s wrong with your strategy? The answer will be unique to your business, but here are a few common reasons social media efforts fail.

People think You’re Spammy

One of the biggest reasons people stop following businesses on social media is that they feel the posts are spammy. If your account is too self-promotional, shares posts too frequently or pushes too hard for sales, it probably looks spammy to your followers.

Strike a good balance between posting your own content and self-promotional posts and content from other sources. Do some testing to find out how frequently you should be posting so that your followers are engaged but not overwhelmed.

There’s no Reason to Follow You

When you create content, offer services, sell products and work with your customers, it’s essential that you provide value. The same holds true for your social media accounts. Social media marketing is only effective if you give your market a reason to follow you.

Find out what motivates people in your market to follow you and then work to provide that through your accounts. Some examples of reasons people follow brands on social media include: deals, discounts, giveaways, company news, connections to other customers, inside information and customer support.

Your Account Lacks Direction

Look at the past few weeks of posts on your account and ask yourself if it feels unorganised, scattered or confusing. Of course it’s okay for you to post on a variety of topics, but it’s not okay for your account to lack direction.

Remember that your accounts are primarily marketing tools and make sure they are focused and have direction. Use consistent messaging, share content strategically and work to build your brand on your page.

Your Personality doesn’t Shine Through

To make social media work you need to be personable. Social media is a casual medium and to leverage it and attract followers you need to adopt a brand voice that resonates with your social media audience. This doesn’t mean that you need to change your brand, but it does mean that you need to make it more social media friendly.

Avoid stiff, robotic posts that don’t allow people to connect with you. When you post to social media accounts, imagine that you are talking to one of your customers. Maintain a professional tone, but don’t become cold and distant.

There’s no question that social media can be an excellent marketing tool. In fact, in many industries, your business would be missing out on great opportunities if you skip social media. If your accounts don’t seem to be bringing value, make sure you aren’t letting these pitfalls bring your social media marketing down.