Social Media Marketing Industry Report: Take Away

The Social Media Examiner just released their 2012 SMM Industry report, and it makes for some fascinating reading. This is their fourth survey in which they gathered responses from over 3,800 marketers in a variety of industries. It’s a whopping 42 page report, so here’s a summary of the the most important Social Media Marketing industry trends to take away from this report.

  • One of the most interesting aspects revelaed in the report was the time spent on social media per week, which is down on last year. The report highlights that more expereinced Social Media marketers tend to spend longer on their SMM per week than those with less experience. Across all expereince levels, the majority of marketers spend between over 6 hours per week on their SMM efforts.
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs and YouTube were cited as the top 5 social media marketing platforms, in that order. While Google+ was only used by 40% of marketers, a whopping 70% want to learn more about it. Could this have anything to do with Google search plans?
  • Exposure (85%) ranked above sales (45%)  in the perceived benefit of using social media marketing; although generating leads (58%) ranked in the middle.
  • Those with less expereince tend to stick to the top 3 most popular sites: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn; while those with more expereince branch out
6-12 months experience
3+ years experience
  • YouTube is the top area which marketers want to branch out into; following in the trend of content creation?

And finally: the top 10 questions Social Media Marketers are asking?

#1: MEASURE: How do I measure the effect of social media marketing on my
#2: TARGET: How do I find my target audience with social media?
#3: ENGAGE: What are the best ways to engage my audience?
#4: SELL: How do I sell with social media?
#5: TIME: How should I best use my time to maximize my social media results?
#6: STRATEGY: How do I create a social media strategy?
#7: TACTICS: What social media tactics are the most effective?
#8: TOOLS: What are the best social media management tools?
#9: USE: How do I use the different social media platforms?
#10: SELECTION: How do I select the right social platform for my business?

Look out, over the coming weeks, I’ll be offering up my answers to some of these questions and curating some I find around the web.