How does your Social Media Marketing Compare to Other Businesses’?

Social Media Examiner has released its annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report and its findings can help you find out how you stack up against other businesses. The way you use social media marketing will be unique to your business, but learning how others are using it to reach their markets can help you find ways to be more effective.

Here are some of the main findings from the research, which analysed responses from more than 2,800 marketers.

97% of Marketers use Social Media Marketing

Almost all marketers who were surveyed said they use social media marketing. Social media has become an integral part of marketing and if your business isn’t using it, you are missing out on some major benefits.

Social media marketing allows you to connect with your market where it is, listen to what people are saying and interact with your customers and potential customers.

43% of Marketers say their Websites are Optimised for Mobile

Somewhat surprisingly, only 43 percent of marketers said they had mobile-friendly websites. This is an increase from last year’s 28 percent who said they had mobile sites, but is still a relatively low number.

By launching a mobile website, you’ll be ahead of the curve and you’ll stand out from other businesses when you make it easy for your market to use your site from any device.

64% of Marketers spend 6 or more Hours a Week on Social Media Marketing

According to this report, 64 percent of the marketers reported spending six hours or more a week on social media marketing, while 37 percent said they spend 11 hours or more each week. Social media marketing does take time and if you aren’t designating enough resources to your efforts, you won’t see very many benefits.

92% of Marketers say Social Media Marketing has Increased Brand Exposure

Social media marketing does take time, but this investment brings major results. The report reveals that 92 percent of marketers say that social media marketing has increased brand exposure for their business. This is the number-one benefit marketers reported and is one that can bring a lot of value.

When you use social media, you are getting your business, products and content in front of a huge audience and making people more aware of your brand. This is a common benefit that can bring huge results for your business.

80% of Marketers say Social Media Marketing has Increased Site Traffic

The second most common benefit marketers reported seeing is increased traffic to their website. The vast majority, 80 percent of respondents, say that their social media strategies have brought more traffic to their website. Increased traffic can help you accomplish all kinds of other goals, from making more sales to gaining more email subscribers.

Respondents also said that social media resulted in:

  • Loyal Fans
  • Marketing Insight
  • Leads
  • Improved Search Rankings
  • Grown Business Partnerships
  • Reduced Marketing Expenses
  • Improved Sales

There’s no question that social media marketing has the power to bring major benefits to your business.

These statistics are just a few of the interesting findings from the report, which you can download here. By studying how others are using social media you can find ways to improve your campaigns and see better results.