Social Media Glossary

Get in the know with our social media glossary!

If you get your RT’s mixed up with your HT’s, you nod politely when people mention API’s, and the phrase ‘astroturfing’ leaves you perplexed, then allow us to demystify some of the slang and jargon floating around the Social Media Marketing realm. Here’s our quick social media glossary:



A phrase that was popularized by Apple, ‘app’ stands for application. In Facebook terms, apps can be added to a profile and used in various ways. Unlike a program, it won’t be installed on your computer, but instead stays on your browser.


‘Application Programing Interface’, an API makes it possible to use a program within a program. An example of this would be embedding a Twitter feed into your website.

Cover photo

The top banner on a Facebook Time Line. If you’re making a custom photo the dimensions are 851 x 315 px. Otherwise, sites like will allow you to make custom cover pictures.

‘News Feed’

A chronological feed composed of updates from your friends. If you manage a Facebook page then your feed will only be composed of updates from other Pages that you ‘like’.

‘Time Line’

The recently updated version of Facebook profiles, these give an overview of a users Facebook activity in a two column responsive layout.



Retweet, old style or new style, retweeting is re-sharing a tweet with your followers while giving credit to the original owner, usually with a @mention. An old style RT will quote the tweet and clearly state ‘RT’. Twitter made it easier to RT with the new style ‘Retweet’ button.


Hat tip, usually used when you want to give credit to the source, even if you weren’t directly influenced by a Tweet.


Overheard. Used for sharing funny overheard snippets or the occasional rumour.


Short for follow Friday, a way to let other users know who is worth following.


Most commonly used with Twitter, Instagram is a smartphone app which allows users to apply vintage-style filters to their photographs.

Blogging and general.

RSS reader

The most useful invention ever. A ‘Really Simple Syndication’ compiles news and articles from all of your favourite sources, allowing you to quickly scan headlines for interesting juice.


Building the illusion of a ‘grassroots’ social media campaign. While the phrase originally applied to political campaigns, social media looks like it will be the next to be hit. Followers are often tricked by false reviews or user interaction.

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