5 law firms who have got social media spot on!

Social media can do wonders for your brand if the product you’re selling lends itself to advertising, such as a hair and beauty range. The owners will put money behind paid promotion including reaction posts, and campaigns finished with stunning visuals. It does, however, get more complicated when trying to promote a service that isn’t so attractive or exciting.

Today we’re asking, can law firms use social media successfully? The quick answer is, yes! Social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter provide ample opportunities for lawyers to connect with clients, keep an eye on competitors as well as catch up on the latest industry news.

Many law firms are now using social media to stay ahead of the game with brand awareness and targeted advertising. We have seen it before, and cases like these will continue to validate the understanding that no matter what the business, it can be successfully promoted on social media:

1) Cooley

Let’s start with a law firm that clearly has their social media strategy all figured out. When you visit their Facebook page, you’ll be greeted with a branded cover photo and social profile. But more importantly, take a look at their feed.  It features company updates, industry news and hard-hitting topics such as Women in Law!

With 2,155 page likes and engagement across all published content, this is a law firm that knows how to manage their social media presence.

2) Kingsley Napley

It’s a good trust indication when a company has over 3000 followers on Twitter – big thumbs up! The Kingsley Napley account is clearly active, which makes it easier to attract followers. This law firm posts a wide range of legal and professional advice that will interest their readers. It also communicates with influences by retweeting and tagging them in multiple posts.

3) Pace Law Firm

YouTube is a great social media platform for companies looking for instant engagement with their audience. Pace Law Firm utilises their YouTube account to build a video library including topics presented by their lawyers who discuss various issues linked to their key services.

As law firms are continually looking for innovative ways to grab people’s attention, video has become a fundamental part of their strategic marketing. Video marketing is no longer an emerging trend – it’s here and is a powerful way to communicate your brand’s story, engage with influencers and develop a visual relationship with your clients.

4) Freshfields

LinkedIn is another great social media platform for professionals looking to interact with industry leaders. Freshfields is an example of a law firm that knows how to use LinkedIn to their full advantage. They post monthly updates (about right for this platform) which include an engaging careers page and professional videos to showcase the services they provide.

5) Forsters

A blog or news section is a useful addition to your website – did we mention it is a key element in having a strong online presence? Frequent posts not only help establish your brand’s voice in a competitive marketplace but they also give you something of interest to share on social media that will bring people back to your site.

What makes a good legal blog? The basics for any blog is high quality content that is both interesting and appealing to your target audience. Posting at least once a week is also a good idea as it keeps people and search engines coming back to your content.

The Forster’s website features a blog complete with legal news and company updates. Here’s a preview:

We hope this has given you some insight into how social media can be used to promote your business even if you don’t sell the most exciting products or operate in the most fun industry. There’s a place for social media in your marketing strategy, and we can help you develop this to reach thousands of potential followers online.

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