Social Media Case Study: Yoplait

After their first year on Facebook, Yoplait yogurt had amassed over 200,000 ‘Likes’, not satisfied with this colossal amount of admirers, they went on to grow this following by over 800,000 fans – putting them securely in the Facebook millions club. What’s interesting about this growth is that they weren’t hit by ‘Operation Unlike’, meaning their following is mostly genuine. To get to this size and not be hit by spam Likes is truly an impressive feat.

So how did they get this far? And what can you learn from their success?

Key Stats

Likes: 1,034,059

Talking about this now: 5823

Most Popular Age Group: 18-24

Most Popular City: Chicago, IL

Post Frequency: Daily

Post Type: Image, with accompanying text


The primary improvement they made to their community was hiring a full-time community manager to lend her face and voice to the project. Nicknamed “Yoplait Sara”, Sara Fryar brings an element of genuine human interaction to the marketing mix. She shares recipes, and snippets of her life that make it clear users are interacting with a person.

To do this with your own social media marketing, consider hiring a community manager to take the role of SMM one step further. Community managers play less of a role in the strategy and analytics, and focus more on fostering great ties with your fans. If hiring another person isn’t on the cards, share the responsibility out with your team, and create a “meet the team” tab on your Facebook page to break down digital barriers.


Since Yoplait is a healthy food item, recipes and healthy living tips make a frequent appearance on the Facebook page. To give these items a place to live, Yoplait makes use of apps to compile and collect all of the useful information they share. They also use apps to make attractive landing pages, to share money off coupons, and for mom-spiration tips. The only problem with their apps don’t support secure browsing, which is a problem for some users.


After a quick look at their last 2 weeks of posts, I would guess that each post receives anywhere between 20 and 200 shares, 50 to 5000 likes, and 10 to 100 comments. How does that compare to your posts?

The trick to their success, and the easiest way to gain similar results, is to build up expectations in your audience. Make sure they know what’s coming every day. Yoplait post a single post every day, and it’s always an image, with a few short lines of text. Sometimes they link to recipes or tips. Their posts are linked to popular culture events that their audience will also be interested in.

Their posts are also cross-platform, and will mention their other social media profiles. This post was particularly successful, and called for audience interaction.