Social Marketing – Much more than just a “Like” Button

It is becoming widely accepted that business and brands with a website should also have a social presence. What is increasingly apparent though is that whilst many recognise the big names of Facebook, Twitter and Groupon many businesses are still unsure with what to do with these platforms.

Social profiles are straightforward to create, as are the social “follow us” type icons that litter many websites today.  What is important (and intimately more difficult) is what you present to the visitor when they reach your social pages. Think about it… do you really what your potential customer to stumble across your Facebook page only to find it is inactive, sparse of information and looking more than a little neglected. And what really is the point of even directing potential customers to these pages if you cannot afford the time or energy to look after them? Social media marketing has got to be more than just getting a “Like” or posting the odd Tweet.

Your social marketing platforms should be considered as the voice of your brand and they offer you a unique opportunity to engage with your customers directly. What you need to ensure is that you pass the right message to the right people.  Users of social sites like being social by their very nature and interaction from other like-minded customers can help to turn that potential customer into one who buys your products or services time and time again. As you build up a community of followers who share their thoughts and feelings on your products and services you can also build up a level of trust and affinity with these people, enhancing brand awareness.

Social media marketing is not considered as intrusive as other forms of e-marketing. Followers have expressed their desire to communicate with you by clicking the all important “Like” and “Follow” buttons and they therefore expect you to keep them up to date with your latest news, promotions, offers and deals. You are not an instrusive third party. Therefore be confident in finding your social voice when developing your social media marketing strategy, enjoy the conversation and LISTEN to what your customers are saying about you.