Social Marketing Funnel: How To Build A Social Media Marketing Funnel

Social Marketing Funnel

How Does Social Media Fit In To Funnels?

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In today’s society, social media is becoming increasingly focul as a means of marketing products and producing sales. So a social marketing funnel should be the top of your to-do list!

If you haven’t already incorporated social media into your sales funnel because you are confused about how to do so, that is where you are going wrong.

Many assume that social media only plays a part in certain stages of a funnel.  However, it is actually most effective when used all the way through your sales process – and even once a sale has been made!

As you can see from the diagrams below, social media fits in at any and every marketing funnel stage. So, if you want to know how to build a social media marketing funnel or how to integrate social media into your already existing funnels effectively, stick around.

social marketing funnel stages
social marketing funnel stages

TOFU (Top Of Funnel)

Awareness and interest…

The first stage of your social marketing funnel is very important. You should be raising awareness and drawing attention to your brand. At this stage, it is important to keep your social platforms active and updated so your existing followers can engage and share your content. Through your posts being shared, you will gain new followers and engagement. People are likely to trust their friends’ opinions and be interested if they have engaged with something.

Result = increased brand awareness!

Research has found that consumers need to be exposed to a brand 2 or 3 times before they consider making a purchase.

If you’re not making the most of social media as a tool for exposure, you are seriously limiting your business. Most people today spend hours on their phones scrolling through social media, so make the most of it and get your brand on their feed!

It is easy enough to measure whether your efforts at raising awareness are working, simply by tracking your engagement. There are tools available online which can track this for you too. If the amount of follows, likes, comments or shares is gradually increasing, keep up the good work!

If you have already begun to build a social marketing funnel but are only using one platform, you might want to broaden your horizons. For raising awareness, try to be everywhere at once. This is easier than it sounds – just keep active and interactive on all social platforms, rather than sticking to one.

social marketing funnel on phone

You don’t have to think of brand new and original content for each platform. Why not simply re-word your posts slightly for each and schedule them to go live at similar times? We would also recommend you interlink your social accounts to help the progress of your social marketing funnel. This means that potential prospects will know where to find and follow you on each.

When drafting content and scheduling posts to go live, make sure it is not all promotional. There should be a balance between your posts that are sales focused and those that offer valuable advice. If you get this balance right, people will be more willing to share the promotional content that you do publish, because trust will have been established.

MOFU (Middle Of Funnel)


At this point of your social marketing funnel, you should keep on top of engagement with potential customers. Aim to provide people with an abundance of information so nothing is left to the imagination in terms of what your product/service will add to people’s lives.

social marketing funnel interaction

It is a known fact that people are more likely to buy into people than a brand. By engaging with people, you can build your database and re-contact the valuable leads who have shown interest and are on the road to buying.

At this stage of your social marketing funnel, there are unsurprisingly a lot of tools out there to help. You can download tools to alert you when important engagement comes in so you can reply asap.

BOFU (Bottom Of Funnel)


The epitome of your social marketing funnel is your landing page. This is the place where leads become customers, so it needs to be good, really good.

Social media landing pages could be considered more difficult to nail as people use social media mostly to interact with friends. Social media isn’t used for the purpose of buying so they haven’t actively sought out your product. Despite this, although they are harder to get right, they are doable.

The overall aim for landing pages on social media is to grab attention – and keep it. Keep the content short and sweet, complemented by some eye-catching visuals. People will respond better to visual content rather than chunks of text. No one wants to read an essay while they’re scrolling through their phone!

Make sure you have a call-to-action, but strictly only one. Prospects should be presented with one option and have no distractions for funnels to work effectively. It’s a good idea to look at real-life examples of landing pages with high conversion rates to figure out what yours could look like. Taking inspiration is good, but still, make sure your funnel is individual and represents your brand.

If you get your landing page right, there is nothing stopping your social marketing funnel from bringing you increased sales. Have you followed all the above steps? Congratulations, your conversion marketing funnel is complete!

The importance of a social marketing funnel

You may be told by some that social media cannot be used as a direct sales tool, and that may be true to an extent. However, social media is just as valuable as other digital marketing methods for its indirect benefits.

Being prominent and active on social media platforms is a surefire way to raise your brand awareness, capture valuable leads and build loyal relationships based on trust with your prospects.

Need some more information about social marketing funnels?

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