Snapchat daily user numbers overtake Twitter

It’s no secret that self-destructing image and video sharing platform, Snapchat, has encountered some extraordinary growth in recent months, however the latest news indicates that the number of users using the app on a daily basis has eclipsed that of popular micro-blogging site, Twitter.

While it’s difficult to compare the two – with Snapchat being purely images and video, and Twitter for short, snappy messages, it does compound the rumoured issues that the latter seems to be having.

Twitter recently reported that is sees around 136 million users per day, compared to the reported 150 million (up from 110 million) users that Snapchat sees on a daily basis. Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey has even openly admitted that Snapchat’s minimal screen touching, and quick and easy sharing is where social media is headed in the future.

Snapchat’s features have also rapidly expanded in recent times, burgeoning its popularity especially among younger markets. The addition of filters that wash users’ images with a different hue, or add objects to pictures have proved extremely popular following the platform’s acquisition of selfie animation app Looksery, as has the ability to save Snaps to your phone for distribution away from the platform. As ever, the one feature that has remained is the 24-hour time limit on being able to view a Snap on the app itself.

Dorsey went on to say that he believes that Twitter can feel a little “confusing” to newcomers, before calling Snapchat “modern”. It’s easy to see what Dorsey would think such a thing – Snapchat has been increasingly adopted by social influencers who now use it as a new way to communicate with their fans quickly and easily, all while knowing that the updates are temporary.

Brands have also adopted Snapchat as a way of communicating to their customers. From showcasing new products, to advertising job vacancies and showing behind the scenes shots that may be of interest to their audience. Brands can now also sponsor a ‘branded lense’ on the platform which is then pushed out to all users. During Cinco de Mayo, Taco Bell’s lense reached 220 million people. Pretty effective advertising, really, and exactly the audience Taco Bell want to be targeting.

So where does Snapchat go from here? The latest reports state that there is a redesign of the platform’s ‘Discover’ section waiting in the wings, with the aim of attracting more users to the section and increase ROI for the brands participating. With over 10 billion image and video views per day, and updates all the time, it’s not hard to see why Snapchat has garnered the success that it has to date.