How to Simply Boost Your Social Media Traffic

Building a social media presence can be a major source of traffic to your website. With a larger social media audience, you can rely more on your social profiles to bring a steady flow of traffic to your site. Therefore, here are five simple ways to give your social presence a boost.

Use visuals

Image based content attracts more engagement and reach compared to simple text posts so make sure you regularly include images, videos and GIFs in your social media updates. Along with Facebook and Twitter at least, Instagram is therefore a great social network to master and done right, can make your business, products and story stand out.

Have easily shareable content

As we all know, content that is shared reaches more people. You therefore need to make sure that your content is share worthy. If the quality of your content is low, then engagement is also going to be low. Highly actionable and interesting posts will engage your audience and make them much more likely to press the all-important share/retweet button.

Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to building an engaged social media audience. The more consistent you are with social media posting, the higher chance you have at being seen. Building a community also requires attention and monitoring. Analytics can show you when your audience is online and when your profile gets the most visits, therefore highlighting the best times and days to post.

Know Your Competitors

Researching the social media activity of your competitors allows you see what works and what doesn’t work in your industry and what it takes to build an audience. Look out for things such as the type of content published, how often they respond to comments and successful post times and days.  You can then use this insight to shape your own social strategy.

Continuously engage

Engaging with your audience is also essential. Replying to your customer’s questions or concerns is a simple way to provide the best customer experience and reduces the chances of your customers switching to competitors.