Simple ways to use the Power of Influential People for Marketing

You’ve seen big brands use celebrities and pop culture favourites as part of their promotional efforts. In marketing, we call these people “influentials” because they have the power to sway a public to take action.

You can use influentials to help you build a social media following, strengthen your online brand, increase sales and accomplish all kinds of other marketing goals. While your business may not be able to take on a celebrity spokesperson, you can use influential people in simple ways and still see powerful results.

Identify an Influential for your Market

Before you can start using these strategies, you need to identify an influential person that your market will listen to. This person needs to be someone your market can identify with or relate to, admires and trusts.

Keep in mind that influentials don’t have to be megastars. They can be well-known people in your community or industry or they can simply be a person that fits a description or set of demographics. For example, a market full of young business professionals is likely to listen to fellow professionals.

The point is to choose someone, famous or not, who will capture your market’s attention and trust and make people want to listen to your messages.

Add Influential Power

Once you have identified your influential, add him or her to your marketing plans through a variety of tactics. This person could become the face of your brand or could be used in smaller ways for just a few campaigns.

Do a Social Media Takeover

Let your influential run your social media account for a day. She could host a Twitter chat, promote a Facebook giveaway, create a Pinterest board or simply field questions and comments from your audience. Be sure to identify the person by tagging her account to help garner interest and reach more people.

Publish a Guest Blog Post

Invite your influential to write a guest blog post, which you can promote in advance and then share across the internet through social media, email marketing and other channels after publication. This is a great option to use when an influential is well known and already has a large following on his own blog or social media accounts, as it can help you tap into a new audience.

Create Video Appearances

Create promotional videos that star your influential to add some interest to your content marketing or promotional plans. Depending on who your influential is, your video could end up going viral within your market or industry, helping you raise awareness and draw attention to your brand.

Highlight a Testimonial or Endorsement

Testimonials and endorsements can be extremely effective and are even more powerful when they come from an influential person. Ask your influential to provide a testimonial or endorse your product. Then, be sure to highlight the testimonial on your website, share it on social media and promote it through email marketing.

Influential people can help you take your marketing to the next level. Start by identifying someone who has influence over your market, famous or not, and then use these tactics to add him or her to your strategy.