Simple ways to Attract an Audience for your Next Live Video

Live video is a big marketing trend right now. YouTube, Facebook, Meerkat and Periscope have contributed to the rise in popularity for live videos, and audiences are proactively watching videos from their favourite internet celebrities and brands.

But, how do you attract that eager audience for your own business? Live videos are most effective when they bring a sizable audience you can market to, and these tips can help you get more eyes on your next live video.

Choose the Perfect time for Streaming

Think about your audience and the people you hope to attract to your video. What time of day are they most likely to watch a live video? For example, if you are targeting people who likely work full time, posting a video during the middle of the day wouldn’t be ideal.

Choosing the perfect time for streaming, according to who your target audience is, can mean the difference between a small audience and huge numbers of viewers, which can mean your video will be more effective.

Create Compelling Content

As with any type of marketing content, your live videos need to be compelling if you want to attract a sizable audience. Make sure the title is catchy and makes people want to tune in and then plan a video that provides value to your audience.

When you continually produce live videos, you can use feedback from your viewers to tailor your future live streams to their needs, making them more and more compelling to your target market.

Promote Early, but not Too Early

The easiest way to draw attention to your live video is to promote it in advance so people will watch for it in their newsfeed. However, there is also a danger in promoting videos so early that people forget they are coming.

Start creating an online buzz about your video in advance by talking about it on social media and your blog, tagging contributors and offering glimpses into what benefit your viewers can expect from the video.

Use Live Promotion and Make it Easy

Don’t stop promoting your video after you start streaming! Have someone on your team promote your video as it is streaming to draw people in while it’s happening. Perhaps the best way to do this is to use your social media accounts to direct people to your video.

Also be sure to make it easy for viewers to tune in. Include a direct link to your video and stream it in a place where your market will easily find it, like your main YouTube channel, for example.

Build a Reputation of Responsiveness

Whenever you live stream a video, listen for and respond to feedback. Some platforms allow for live commenting from viewers, and if you have the ability to respond live during your video, your viewers will be impressed and see your videos as a way to interact with your business.

At the very least, spend some time after a live streamed event answering comments on social media, your blog and anywhere else viewers left comments. Building a reputation as a responsive business will boost your viewership for future videos and benefit your online brand.

These simple tips will help you attract an audience for your next live video, which can help you promote your business and products more effectively.