Simple Rules for Avoiding a Social Media Marketing Flub

Unfortunately, social media mistakes are out there for everyone to see, which can inhibit your online marketing, damage your reputation and hurt your brand. When you use social media marketing, it’s essential that you protect your brand and reputation.

Having a strategic social media plan in place will ensure you use your accounts effectively, and these rules will help you avoid embarrassing mistakes that could hurt your business.

Keep it Professional at all Times

Many problems can be avoided by simply acting professionally on social media. Don’t post things or engage in conversations that paint your business in a negative light. This means avoiding things like bashing other businesses and posting content that could be offensive or cause people to question your brand’s values.

An easy way to stay professional is to plan carefully what you want to share on social media and then stick to your strategy. Don’t engage in conversations or activities that could make your business look bad.

Always Rise Above in Heated Conversations

If you do find yourself in a heated conversation or a controversial situation, rise above. Don’t stoop to a level that leads to name calling, negative comments, speaking poorly of competitors or treating followers disrespectfully.

Do this by staying positive and refusing to engage in conversations that aren’t constructive or helpful. Everything you post on social media, from shared content to comments in conversations, needs to represent your brand well.

Respond to Negative Feedback Quickly

Almost all businesses get negative feedback through social media. The key to handling these posts or comments is to respond quickly and respectfully. If you can, solve the customer’s problem with a social media response. If the problem requires more in-depth assistance, direct the person to a phone number, email address or website.

When you respond this way, you are showing everyone who is watching that you are monitoring your account and listening to what customers are saying. You are showing your market that you strive to provide helpful customer service, which benefits your brand and reputation.

If you notice patterns in your negative comments, you may want to think about making changes that will solve common problems and make your business better. Then, be sure to announce the change on social media so people can see you aren’t afraid to reassess the way you do things and make changes as suggested.

Be Quick to Apologise or Clarify

Despite our best efforts, mistakes do happen. There will be times when you accidentally post something you wish you didn’t, don’t respond in the best way possible or make some other social media flub.

In these circumstances, address the situation quickly. Apologise when necessary and clarify statements when a post is taken the wrong way or isn’t as clear as it should have been. Being responsible for what you post on social media, even when you make mistakes, proves to your market that you are conscious of how your customers feel and aren’t above apologising.

These rules will help you avoid social media marketing problems and take care of issues that may arise. When you stick to your plan and consciously work to use social media to build up your brand, you will more successfully reach your market and promote your business.