Simple Incentives that will Help you Attract more Email Subscribers

Image courtesy of Alan McConchie/Flickr.

One of the most common ways to gain email subscribers is to offer an incentive for people to enter their email address on a form on a website. You’ve likely seen this tactic used and it’s one that can bring great results.

People don’t just give up their contact information without getting something in return. Of course, the content you provide through your email list needs to be valuable enough that people will want it in their inbox and won’t unsubscribe from your updates.

But, providing an extra inventive at the time of sign up can help you grow your list so you have a wider email marketing audience. The incentive you offer can be very simple as long as it appeals to your market and provides some kind of value to potential subscribers.

Free Samples

Give email subscribers a taste of what you have to offer with some free samples. Everyone loves a freebie and when you can give away something that could attract new customers, it’s a win-win situation.

The free sample you offer should be something potential email subscribers would value and something that will encourage them to consider buying your products or services.


Discounts are another simple and effective incentive you can use. When people sign up to receive your emails, send them a confirmation email with a coupon that gives them a discount for your products.

This is another incentive that can do two things: encourage email sign ups while increasing sales. Another perk that comes with this tactic is that it gets people trying your products. If you can offer excellent service, they might come back for more after their discounted order.

Access to Member Only Content

Giving people access to member only content makes them feel like they are on the inside, part of a special club and in the know with your business or industry. Consider requiring visitors to log in to view part of your website and ask them to join your email list during the sign up process.

This member only content should be supplemental content, as you don’t want to block your main, most important content from site visitors. Things like tutorials, special articles, sneak-peek videos or behind the scenes looks make for great member only content pieces.

How-to Guides

How-to guides that help your market get more out of your products or that just offer some industry-related advice make great incentives. To make this work, the guides should be very detailed, helpful and professionally designed. They should also provide information your market can’t get anywhere else, or at least be higher quality than any competing content.

You can offer a download when someone submits his email address or you can offer how-to guides through email newsletters as an ongoing value and marketing tactic.

Reduced Membership Price

If you have membership or subscription services, you can offer a reduced price for people who join your mailing list. Create a sense of urgency by making this a limited time offer and building a buzz about it on social media so people won’t want to miss out. This could be a reduced price for life or it could be a reduced price for a customer’s first month of membership. Either way, the idea is that you are offering a discount and that people will want to sign up quickly.

Providing incentives to your market to encourage people to subscribe to your list is a great way to grow your email marketing campaigns and make them more effective. The key to using this approach is to promote an incentive that your market will find valuable and then make it easy for people to join your list.