Simple and Effective ways to Stand out on Social Media

With so much noise on social media, it’s absolutely imperative that your brand stands out. Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or LinkedIn, your market is likely inundated with status updates, photos and content.

To avoid blending in and being ignored by your market, add some attention-grabbing tactics to your social media marketing strategy.

Post the Right Images

Yes, everyone posts images on social media. But, some pictures tend to stand out and get more attention. Photos with people, interesting scenes, text or artistic elements can really stand out.

Share pictures that aren’t like every other picture on social media and be interesting. If you only post pictures of your products or store, your followers will get bored. Instead, try using photos that show your products in action or illustrate benefits you can provide.

Go with the Trend

Things like jokes, memes, inspirational quotes and helpful resources are trendy on social media. If they are appropriate for your brand, use them to your advantage by sharing them on your pages. Not only do these kinds of posts stand out, but they often get shared more often than normal, boring posts.

You can also use trends to your advantage by using them to help you reach your market. If a certain type of technology, home decor or app is popular with your market, find ways to connect it with your brand so you can benefit from some extra traction.

Ask for Something

Sometimes it’s okay, and even beneficial, to ask your followers for something on social media. Asking for something as simple as a retweet or “like” can make it possible for your post to reach a wider audience and stand out on the site.

You can also ask for things like opinions, ideas, feedback and comments on social media. People love to give their opinion and feel like they are being heard and you can use this kind of information to improve your marketing plans and business in general.

Make it Count

You should definitely post to your social media accounts regularly and often, but make those posts count. Avoid posting boring updates, links to unhelpful content and posts that feel too promotional.

Instead, make sure each of your posts provides some kind of value. This value could be as simple as entertainment or as complex as how-to information. When your posts are valuable, they will stand out and you could even gain more social media followers.

Keep it Fun

Mundane, overly formal posts aren’t very fun. Make your posts stand out by making sure they are full of personality and are interesting. Let your brand’s voice show through, but also use a conversational tone.

Lots of social media users are more likely to pause and read posts that are just fun and having a reputation as a “fun account” on social media can help you build a reputation and following.

Standing out on social media is important if you want to use it to its fullest potential. Use these tips to add some life and personality to your posts so they will capture your market’s attention and help you achieve your goals.