Simple but Effective Ways to use Curated Content

Curated content, or content that you don’t create but gather from other sources and organise, can be a very valuable part of your content marketing plan. But, how exactly should you use this kind of content?

There are all kinds of ways you can leverage other content, add your own value, narrative or context, and then use it as part of your content marketing strategy. Here are a few simple ways any business can get started.

Create Resource-Heavy Blog Posts

One of the simplest ways to curate content is to compile a blog post that is full of links to other articles, blog posts, reports, videos and other kinds of content. The blog post should include your own thoughts and context for the resources you are sharing. Then, organise the links into categories or weave them throughout your post so they support your idea and make sense to the reader.

The goal of this kind of post is to create a valuable resource where lots of ideas, research and voices are compiled in one place. It also allows you to add your own narrative or voice to the topic, while giving shoutouts to other businesses and publications.

Form a Response to a Popular Idea

You can also use curated content to form a response to a popular idea in your industry or community. Gather content that highlights what others are saying about something, include it in your own blog post, and then offer your own insight.

To do this successfully, you will need to choose topics and ideas that are relevant to your business and that you can offer an informed opinion about. Also keep in mind that you can build on what others are saying or you can take an opposing point of view for a more interesting post. Controversial blog posts can also help you attract more traffic, social media shares and comments.

Compile Industry Reports

Another way to become an industry thought leader, expert and resource is to curate content to compile reports about various topics. You can do this in the form of blog posts, ebooks, white papers or guides.

Find content, research and information from reliable sources and use it to create a report that reflects the current industry, trends, ideas, tips or advice. Be sure to add your own perspective and thoughts to make the report your own.

Make Social Media more Interesting

To avoid making social media all about you and becoming overly self-promotional, share content from other sources. This is a quick and simple way to form relationships with other businesses, tag others on social media, start conversations and make your account more interesting.

As you share content from others, form relationships with them by connecting with them on social media, “liking” their content, sharing their posts and supporting their efforts. In return, others will be more likely to share your content and support your efforts, helping you reach a wider social media audience.

Remember, whenever you curate content, give credit to the original sources. Using curated content makes it easier for you to form relationships with others, become an industry resource and make your own content more interesting, which will make your marking plan that much more successful.