Signs it’s Time to Redo Your Company Website

Image courtesy of Peter Patau/Flickr.

If you’ve been in business for a while, you’re website may be due for an update. But how do you know when its time to make the change? Updating your site can be as simple as changing some copy or adding a few new pages. Or, if your site is really outdated, redoing it could be a major project that will take time and money.

Deciding whether or not your site needs an update is all about determining if your site is helping your business or if it could be more beneficial to your company.

Your Services Have Changed

One of the most obvious signs that it’s time to update your site is if your services are no longer accurately described on your site. If your business has undergone changes to the products or services it offers, it is imperative that your site is also changed.

Your Site Looks Outdated or Doesn’t Reflect Your Brand

If you have had a company website for several years, it could simply look outdated. If it looks old, it’s time to update it so your brand will appear up to date and your customers can see that you are on the cutting edge of your industry. Even if your company offers the latest and best services, if your website looks old, your customers may still perceive your brand as outdated.

On the other hand, maybe your brand has evolved since the last time you updated your website. If your site doesn’t use your brand’s newest colors, look and feel or slogan, it is due for a makeover.

Your Focus and Goals Have Changed

Over the years, your business may have changed its focus or goals. If this is the case, updating your website could help you be more successful as you pursue this new direction. Things like added pages, a new feature, updated calls to action or using a design that highlights certain aspects of your business can all help you reach your new goals.

If your target market has changed, or if you have expanded and want to target an additional market, you may also want to update your site. Different messages, and even styles, will appeal to different markets, and you want your site to be targeted at the correct markets.

Your Website Isn’t Getting the Results You Need

It’s time to update your website if it isn’t performing like you want it to. For example, if you hope to bring in new sales leads through your site, and you haven’t been able to do that lately, you may want to consider redesigning or updating your site. Or, another example would be that you hope your site’s blog will help you build your email list, but lately you haven’t been adding to your list. Sometimes all it takes to help you reach your goals is a site redesign.

Redoing your website can be a daunting task to take on. However, if any of these signs are evident in your business, it will be well worth your time and resources to update your website so you can reach your goals and build your brand.