Should Your Business be on the New MySpace?

One of the very first social network websites, MySpace, which launched in 2003, has recently rebranded and revamped itself in an attempt to attract new users. As MySpace tries to make a comeback, should your business have a profile on the site?

What MySpace is All About

MySpace has always focused on the music industry. The site has tried to make it possible for new musicians to promote their work and build a fan base. When it first launched, users could create a profile, but the focus was still on music. Today, users can add music to their collection on their profile, connect with friends, share content and post status updates.

Now MySpace is embracing other social networks too, making it possible for members to connect their profile with their Facebook or Twitter account to find friends and share MySpace updates.

Businesses that Fit the MySpace Scene

Many different types of businesses are signing up for MySpace accounts, but the site still puts an emphasis on the entertainment industry. In fact, when members sign up for an account, they are asked to choose an account type from the following list:

  • Musician
  • Photographer
  • Filmmaker
  • Curator
  • Designer/Creative
  • Entertainer
  • DJ/Producer
  • Brand
  • Venue
  • Writer/Journalist
  • Promoter
  • Fan
  • Comedian

Initially, it seems that businesses in the entertainment industry will fit in best on MySpace. However, the “brand” category could arguably include almost any business. It’s important to keep in mind that the market for MySpace is young people who are involved and interested in music, entertainment and art. Knowing what kind of audience MySpace attracts, you can decide if your business would benefit from a profile on the site.

Using MySpace for Digital Marketing

Like other social networks, MySpace has the potential to help your brand create a buzz, send a message to your market, listen to what your customers are saying, drive traffic to your site, increase search engine rankings and more. The trick to using MySpace for business purposes will be to tap into the very niche market the site attracts. If you want to gain a following and benefit from MySpace, you’ll need to use content that will interest readers who are interested in the entertainment world.

Deciding whether or not your business should join MySpace is a matter of determining whether or not your target market can be reached through the site. If you are in the entertainment or arts industry, your brand may be a good fit and your market may be accessible through the site. If you do decide to add MySpace to your social media and digital marketing strategy, keep in mind that the site’s members may have very specific interests and to be successful your brand will need to fit in with those interests.