Should You Offer Freebies on Your Business Website?

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Have you noticed that many businesses offer freebies on their websites? Have you ever wondered if you should be doing the same thing? While it may seem counterintuitive to give things away to your customers, this strategy actually has quite a few benefits.

Why Offer a Freebie?

Some of the most common types of freebies offered by businesses include ebooks, guides, resources, downloads, samples, white papers, mobile apps and consultations.

In essence, these freebies offer a taste of what a business has to offer. They can persuade potential customers, who benefit from and enjoy your freebie, to do business with you.

Freebies on your website can also help you establish yourself as an expert and a resource. They prove to your market that you know what you are doing and that you offer quality products.

Businesses that offer freebies benefit from a more positive reputation. They come across as a business that cares about its industry and customers, to the point that they are willing to offer a few free resources to benefit their market.

How to do it the Right Way

When you have decided to offer a freebie on your business website, it is vital that you do it the right way. You need to use your freebie to build your business, not give your product away for free and decrease sales.

First, decide what benefit you can get from offering a freebie. A few common benefits of giving away a freebie include getting more traffic, growing your email list and getting more social media followers, among other perks.

Then, design your freebie in such a way that it will help you meet your goal. Create a product that you can easily put together and then find a way to use it to help you accomplish your goal. A classic example of this is offering a free ebook when someone subscribes to your blog posts.

The key is to find some freebie that you can easily create, that shows off your business and abilities, and that attracts your market. Make something that is beneficial to the people you are trying to sell to and that they will be interested in enough to give you their email address, follow you on social media or even begin buying products from you.

If you offer a freebie without strategically planning it, without using it to purposefully enhance your business, it won’t be very beneficial. In fact, it could even harm your business. Freebies should be used as a marketing tactic to help you promote your brand and increase your sales.

It can be challenging to walk the fine line of offering a freebie that will help you build your business without giving it away for free. But, by planning well and using your freebie to meet goals instead of just handing it out without much thought, your business can accomplish all kinds of things from a stronger social media community to increased sales.