Should You Crowdsource Your Marketing Content?

Crowdsourced, or user-generated content, is content that is produced by a company’s market or other influential people rather than the company itself. Crowdsourced content is a popular marketing tactic used in many industries. This type of content can be a very effective way to produce lots of blog, social media or even website content quickly.

But, crowdsourcing isn’t for every business. There are pros and cons to letting someone else help you produce marketing content, and these factors should be examined before you decide whether or not to implement a user generated content plan.

Varied Voices vs. Lost Message

With crowdsourced content, you’ll be able to add some new voices to your brand. With podcasts, guest blog posts or a variety of hired writers, your audience will benefit from different styles, tones and points of view.

However, you could also run the risk of losing your company’s message among these different styles. If you decide to crowdsource content, you’ll need to make sure all your contributors are on the same page with provided messages and talking points. You may also consider implementing an editorial or content approving process.

New Points of View vs. Wrong Target Market

When you allow others to help provide marketing content for your brand, you’ll get new points of view. Even when these people stay on message they’ll be able to breathe new life into your company’s regular content. They can provide something that is slightly out of the ordinary, or even unexpected, grabbing your audience’s attention.

Of course, you’ll want to choose your contributors wisely, so you can include people who have ideas that can help you send your message. Avoid missing your target market by making sure your contributors are influential and have a connection with audience. A good user generated content plan has content that is freely create by users, but is still guided by the company.

Engaged Potential Customers vs. Distracting Options

Recruiting the help of potential customers in creating content, like social media posts, photos or even blog posts, is a great way to encourage them to engage with your brand, increasing the likeliness that they will become customers. People who are involved and take ownership in something are far more likely than passive individuals to become customers.

With all the efforts you put on crowdsourcing content, don’t distract your market to the point where they don’t become customers. Remember that the end goal of your user generated content plan should be to boost business. The last thing you want to do is become a brand synonymous with content rather than your product or services.

Crowdsourcing content can be a great addition to a digital marketing plan. If you set some clear messages and strategically choose your contributors, your brand could benefit from user generated content.