Shake up your News Sources: Think Global


The business world is global, there’s no avoiding this, and with only a small percentage of the world speaking English, it helps to exercise your linguistic skills and learn another language. Failing that, find someone who can translate for you. If you’re aiming for a global reach with your marketing, then it makes sense to provide something global; news for example, and that’s where a website like Worldcrunch comes in.

Dishing up news stories from around the world is what they do best; giving you the opportunity to see how the news works in other countries and offer your target audience something new. It’s always interesting to see how another country reports on similar news stories, and to see what isn’t being reported in your home news network.

In the spirit of ‘thinking global’, I’m going to translate a fantastic article I found earlier this week, exercising every ounce of my Dutch to English translation skills. It’s a B2B social media marketing article by the brilliant Jos Weldwijk; I found him through Twitter where he tweets in English and Dutch. All credit goes to him for this fantastic article about integrating social media into your B2B marketing strategy. I’ll summarize, as it’s a fairly lengthly article.

“Social Media Integration is one of the biggest challenges facing B2B marketers. Research shows that among 400 senior marketers the integration of Social Media is still in its infancy. In practice, there are several ways to find your feet. By combining Social Media with Email Marketing; by applying clever adjustments to your website or the integration with CRM systems. This article includes tips and Quick Wins to help you out.

#1 Integrate Social Media Into your Website

There are two ways to achieve this; with sharing buttons, or social media buttons. Sharing buttons give visitors an easy way to share your content via social media channels like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. Although only 10% of marketers say that this is very effective, 55% still acknowledge this as step an effective method.

You can also use regular Social Media buttons to show that you’re active on social media channels. The two most common and useful tools for this are Addthis and Shareaholic . As you use a code to install the buttons, you will have access to statistics and create content for mobile Internet.

# 2 Integrating Social Media with Email Marketing

E-mail marketing is still effective within the B2B Marketing Mix for at least two reasons; social media heavyweights have more time to read e-mails, and CTR’s are still highly significant. There are several ways to combine Social Media with E-mail:

  • Follow Me Buttons
  • Links to Social Media Channels
  • Social Sharing Buttons

#3 Social Media Integration with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is widely used to understand website visitor numbers, most viewed pages on a website, and time spent on a page. Nothing new here; but with Google Analytics marketers can also see website hits which come from social media channels.

#4 Integrate Social Media with Traditional Marketing Campaigns

There are many ways to integrate your Social Media with traditional marketing campaigns already in place. Add a Facebook logo and link to your brochure, utilise QR Codes to link to your LinkedIn or YouTube, or by include a specified landing page in direct mailings.

#5 Social Media Integration with CRM

Integrating your Social Media with CRM is increasingly common; enrich your database with contacts and data from your Social Media profiles. There are a variety of services available to help you integrate your CRM with Social Media; Sprout Social , SugarCRM , Salesforce and Nimble.

By integrating your Social Media with your CRM you will be able to see your interactions as two-way and mutually valuable. The customer will be seen as a partner in the development and improvement of products and services. And finally, the insight will be dynamic, allowing you to see your customers as dialogues and interactions.”!/josveldwijk