Setting up a Facebook Ad in 5 Steps

For many businesses, Facebook ads have proven to be very successful. The social media site attracts a huge audience with people in many demographics. If a portion of your market uses Facebook, advertising on the site could be very beneficial to your business.

Setting up a Facebook ad isn’t as complicated as you may think. In fact, you can do it in just five steps.

Prepare Your Facebook Page

If you don’t have a Facebook account, you will need one. If you do, make sure your business page is up to par with posts, updated contact information and recent activity. Establishing your presence on Facebook will help your reputation and marketing efforts.

Set a Budget

The Facebook advertising process includes a unique pay system. Basically, when you run ads the amount you pay will depend on how many clicks your ads get. This is good news for you, because in essence, you’ll only be charged for how much your ads are actually used.

However, you’ll also need to set up a daily or lifetime budget, which is where things can get confusing. According to Facebook, the higher your budget the bigger the audience will be that sees your ad. You will never be required to pay more than the budget you set.

When you start a campaign, it’s important to decide what your budget will be so that you can determine what kind of reach your ads will have and so that you can keep your other business expenses and goals in tact.

Create an Ad and Choose a Target Market

Create an ad that will help you reach your goals and that is in line with your brand image.¬†You should already have a target market in mind when you decide to set up an ad, so now you’ll need to choose that same market on your ad settings. On Facebook, you can choose to display your ad to people depending on their gender, age, location, interests, likes, workplace, education and relationship status.

Create a Destination Page

Your Facebook ad will need to link to another page that users will see when they click on it. Facebook ads can direct people to one of your own, or somebody else’s Facebook pages, apps or events or to an external website. The destination page will depend on the purpose of your ad campaign.

As you decide where to send potential customers when they click on your ad, consider your call to action and make sure it is very easy for them to follow through with it.

Test and Track Your Ads

When you run Facebook ads, you can test different styles and messaging. Facebook’s administration area can walk you through this process. Doing this can help you determine what kinds of ads work well with your market so you can use the channel more effectively. You should also track your ads to find out how many clicks they are receiving.

As you run your ad campaign you can experiment with timing, messages, ad design and markets to find the exact combination that helps you reach your goals.