Why and How to Set up an Online Newsroom

Image courtesy of Dennis Skley/Flickr.

An online newsroom, or a section of your website where you can post updates and press releases, can help your content marketing, social media marketing and even search engine optimisation efforts. This year, you can make an online newsroom part of your strategy in just a few steps.

Why a Newsroom

While an online newsroom might sound fancy, it can simply be a section on your site you can regularly update with new content. This is a little different from a blog because it is geared more toward breaking business and industry news, and you may use it to get earned coverage by directing bloggers and reporters to the content there.

An online newsroom gives you a place to break news to your markets and the media while also bringing marketing benefits. When you publish news on your site, you have the opportunity to add content to your content marketing strategy and links for your SEO strategy. You also have more content to share through social media, which is a place where newsworthy content can get a lot of traction.

Perhaps most importantly, an online newsroom gives you a place to tell your own story. You have complete control over your own site so you can release news the way you want to, including quotes, statistics and links that will support your marketing efforts.

Three Steps to an Online Newsroom

Setting up a newsroom is easier than you may think. It doesn’t take a lot of time and resources, but it can bring huge benefits to your business.

Dedicate some Site Space and add to your Navigation

First, dedicate a section of your site for the newsroom. This could be similar to a blog, as it just needs to be an area you can update regularly. It should be capable of handling new content as well as photos, videos and other interactive elements.

Then, add the newsroom to your navigation menu so people can find it easily. You may also want to link to it from other places, like your social media profiles and even marketing emails.

Use Social Media Sharing Buttons

It’s important that people can share the content on your newsroom. Just as you use sharing buttons on your blog posts, use them here on your press releases, updates, photos, videos and other content. This way, your market can easily help you share news.

Add Original Content and Press Coverage

Of course, the most important part of your newsroom is the content! Once you’re all set up, start adding original content like press releases, photos bloggers can use, promotional videos and logos. This kind of content will help you get your news out there and make it easier for other people to blog about or cover your business or news, helping you raise awareness and drive traffic to your site.

You can also include a section that shows off media coverage you receive. Include links to articles, screenshots of coverage, videos you are mentioned in, reviews and any other content others create about you that will help you promote yourself and show people you have authority in your area of expertise.

In just a few days you can set up an online newsroom that gives you space to add content that will support your content marketing, social media marketing and SEO strategy and let you tell your story through earned media coverage.